Chapter 2

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You were shocked when the man came over and told you "Don't do it". You thought for a moment. "Why do you care?" He bit his lip. "I've been where you are this exact same bus, I choose not to do it, because there was still a little light for me, don't do it." He said sighing. He gently put his arm around you, he rubbed your back gently. "The names Marshall." He said softly. "Y/n" you replied. "Nice to make your acquaintance Y/N" he said with a smile. The way he said your name, it made you feel wanted. It made you change your mind. You were going to live.

Yup! That's today's cliffhanger, I'll try to update this everyday but when school rolls around for me August 21, the updates might be a little slow

Love,  your author Cade.

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