Dumbledore's office

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"Your dare is to dance behind Snape for two minutes or untill you get caught"I tell Freds group

"ughh no he will kill us"They all moan

"Well its your fault you lost"I say laughing and we drag them inside to find snape.

We find Snape walking along the corridors,

"Eight whos going first"I ask getting my phone ready to video it.

"I am"said George

George walks up being snape ans Ginny sets the timer,Fred starts dancing,shaking his arms and wigling his bum behind Snape and doent get caught.

"Next is Harry"Fred says and Harry moves forward,Harry just does some small movements.

Snape turns around and looks at Harry.

"What are you doing"Shouts Snape

"Nothing"Harry says

"Detention tonight my room 6:00"Snape says marching off with his cloak following behind him.

"You did that on purpose,getitng me in trouble"Harry says directing it to me and storming off in a bad mood.

"Right whos next?"

"Me "Ron says

we go to find snape and we find snape talking to Professor Mcgonngol about classes.Professor Mcgonnagol sees us and i quixkly put my finger to my lip to tell her not to say anything and she goe back to listening Snape.

Ron goes up behind Snape and dances,luckily he gets out of it alive and Professor mcgonnagol tried not to laugh the whole time he did it.

George goes next and does the same as Fred but has a lot of close calls but manages not to get caught.

6 hours later

After chilling in the common room with Neville for a couple of hours,playing games and having dinner we are all just laying infront of the fire in the common room full from the feast,Harry ledt about 10 minutws ago to go to his DT with Snape so Neville and I joined the rest of he gang because harry has left so it wont be as akward.

"Lets play truth or Dare"Says Fred

"Ok "Everyone says at the same time apart from Ron who juat groans.

George starts it off,

"Ginny,truth or dare"

"Truth"She says

"Have you kissed anyone yet"

She blushes and hesitates

"Yes"She admitts


"Thats another question"She say and laughs at her brothers faces.

"Fred,truth or dare?"Ginny asks Fred

"Dare"Of course it was going to be dare

"Send mum a letter saying you got a girl pregnant"Shd says

We all laugh and we are surprised when we see him writing a letter,Mrs.Wesley will not be very happy.

"Charlotte truth or dare"Fred asks me

shit what am i going to pick

I am saved by Molly ,my owl.She flies down onto the floor next to me and drops a letter on my lap.

I pat her on the head and she flies off.

I open the letter to find a letter from Dumbledore.

Dear Charlotte

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