(Fairy Tail)Flare Corona x Fem!Reader

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This story was requested by Azureman136. Hope you enjoy and before it starts I do leave it some details that were in the show. I'm sorry that I did this, but hopefully it's still good. Enjoy.

*Your P.O.V.*

           They announced who was battling next,"Next up is (Y/n) from Fairy tail vs. Flare Corona from Raven tail!" It was the Grand Magic Games and finally it was my turn to battle. Great I'm fighting Flare... Sure, she was in Raven tail, but I felt a connection to her and now I had to fight her. Great, wish me luck.

*Time skip to after fight*

            I was able to pull off a tie. Flare is strong and I admire her. If only she wasn't part of Raven tail. Oh well... I guess I'll never get my love. Yes, I love her. I realized while we were fighting. I grabbed her arm while we were fighting and butterflies erupted in my stomach. I almost lost because of that. Thankfully, I didn't. After the fight with Laxus vs. Ivan, though, they were disqualified. Now I'll never get to see Flare again.

*Time skip*

             Natsu and his team had just headed to a place called the Sun Village for a job. I wanted to help them, so that's why I'm here wandering in the forest. I started humming lightly, but quickly stopped as I saw long red hair from behind a tree. I went around and nearly cried. It was Flare. She had followed me. It made me so happy to see her.
             I was just staring at her, so she spoke,"I'm sorry for following you. I remember you. Are you heading to the Sun Village?" I nodded and she continued," I can take you there. It's my home".

            I smiled," Alright. Lead the way". She started walking and I followed her. We soon got to her Village and I was shocked seeing...GIANTS! They welcomed Flare home and I could see she was happy. Soon Natsu and his team were ready to leave. They left just before I was ready.

            I was about to say goodbye to Flare when she spoke,"Do you have to go?" I was surprised to hear her ask this, but what happened next surprised me even more. My lips met an even softer pair of lips. Flare kissed me. It was soft, sweet, and sadly short.

           When she pulled away she spoke again," Stay here with me, please?" She was so cute begging me to stay. I couldn't say no, but I didn't answer. Instead I kissed her once more as the gia- no as her family cheered.

Sorry this was so short. I'm trying to make them longer but I'm trying not to make them too long also. Hope you liked it!

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