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A knock came at the door in the midst of my sulking, I sighed softly as I chose to ignore it, whoever it is can come later, or not at all. The unidentified person knocked once more, I chose to ignore the sound a second time as I poured myself a glass of something strong.

"I know you're in there," I paused in my actions as I heard her muffled but soft voice through the door.

I sighed once more, maybe if I ignore her she'll go away, "I'm not leaving until you open this door."

My phone suddenly rang out, with another sigh I looked at the caller ID, of course it's her, why is she even calling? I groaned then quickly swiped my index finger across the screen, I leaned back in the chair as I placed the device to my ear.

"Go home," she sighed in relief at the sound of my voice.

"You're okay. You're okay right? Please, I need to see you, that text message, you're joking right?"

I closed my eyes at the sound of desperation in her voice, this is not how it's supposed to go.

"I meant every word, so please just go," she sniffled softly over the phone and in that moment I began to regret what I'm about to do.

"Something happened didn't it?" I got off the chair and walked over to the front door of my apartment, "you're doing it again, please stop shutting me out."

I removed the phone from my ear then opened the door, her eyes widened in recognition as she looked at my ragged appearance, "go home. Don't let me tell you again."

She shook her head at me as tears came to her eyes, "please, let's talk about this, I can't just give up on you. I love you."

My eyes closed on instinct at her admission, "well I don't. Like I said, you were just something to pass the time, nothing but a distraction, so please just go."

I moved to close the door but before I could her soft, accented voice broke the tension, "I'll wait. I'll wait for you, as long as it takes, no matter what you say, I won't forget you."

I scoffed at the sincerity in her voice, "you're supposed to be smarter than that. Don't waste your time hoping for something that won't happen."

With those final words I closed the door, as I walked passed the kitchen counter, I grabbed the prized bottle of whiskey and headed straight for my dark bedroom, I let the darkness welcome me once more as I ignored the knocking and faint sobbing at my front door.


Hello everyone!!!

You have no idea how much I've missed you :'(

I've been secretly reading your comments on both stories, as well as stalking the profiles of my new followers. On top of that I'm trying to follow you all but it's a lot.

Anyway, I've been hearing some of your pleas and I've decided to gift my loyal followers and supporters with a gift such as this.

It may not be as exciting as the other two stories, and it may be just five (5) chapters as well. I'll see how the feedback goes before I go any further.

Here are the first three chapters for you to test out, as always let me know if you like it. If not, I'll just scrap this story all together.

Happy Reading!
Tasha :)

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