Chapter FOUR ♡

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// Kayleigh's POV //

Jack's party is tomorrow
I went to the mall with Sydney to shop some clothes

After hours of finding for clothes, we decided to eat
"Wanna go to McDonald's? I'll pay" Sydney said
"Sure!" I said

After eating, we decided to stroll for a bit
"Wanna come to my house?" I asked
"Sure, why not" she replied
We walked to my house and i saw a letter on my porch door
I decided to pick it up and went inside my house
"Go upstairs to my room, Syd. I'll be right back" i said

I went to the kitchen and opened the letter

"I don't even know why i do this to you. I like you okay. Can't wait to ask you out for the dance but you obviously hate me. ~Anonymous"

Hmm. Who is this?

I went up stairs and showed Sydney the letter
"Oooo you have a secret admirer" she teased
I rolled my eyes. Wow i roll my eyes a lot.

Time went by really fast
It was time for Sydney to go
"Bye Syd, stay safe" i said and hugged her
"You too" she said
I watch her walk away through the distance until she disappeared

I quickly changed into my pyjamas and collapsed on my bed

My phone beeped

Harvey 🙄: Heyo
Kayleigh 🤢: what do u want Mills
Harvey 🙄: im bored
Kayleigh 🤢: is that it? Then why did u text me?
Harvey 🙄: causseee... my friends are not replying
Kayleigh 🤢: how sad
Harvey 🙄: anyways see ya tomorrow
Kayleigh 🤢: we don't have school tomorrow. The Teachers & staff has a meeting tomorrow.
Harvey 🙄: oh yeah right. See ya on Monday then.

I didn't reply after because he will probably still text me which annoys me

"Kayleigh? Have you seen mum and dad?" Sophie said
"They're not home?" I said and quickly sat up
"I don't know" she said
I started to get worried
"They probably have a meeting at work Soph, they'll be home soon"

I feel like im closer to my step sister than before
We used to ignore and annoy each other a lot

I thought about loads of things until I fell asleep

My friend, Alexis
She's dating the guy that i kind of like
the only person that i like.
Well I don't like him that much
I mean I like him as a friend but...
I don't know.
Max Mills. Twin of Harvey Mills.
When i try to hangout with him, all i can see is Harvey. Also, why does Harvey always annoy me?
I didn't do anything, he just started to annoy me
He always play pranks on me.
He's acting a bit strange too
He started to be a little kind to me
that's really unusual

Short chapter and really boring, i know😂
First 4 chapters are really boring bc I don't want to immediately head right into the main plot because yeah 😂
Anyways, chapter 5 will be better
I promise ;)

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