Chapter Twenty-nine


I can't believe it I was nearly done, all I have to do is cut this last bit and then sand all of it down and I'll finish the chessboard table I’ve been making all day today. It's one of the most challenging things I've made but I've nearly done it and I've got to say that it looks gorgeous.

I picked up the last piece I needed to saw and took it to the machine. I turned the machine on and put on the safety equipment and began sawing it down.

It was going well but next thing I knew, the door burst open and my name was being screamed by a sophomore. As I didn't expect that to happen, my attention went to the girl and not the machine. I didn't notice what I was doing and I cut my finger slightly. I immediately turned off the machine and whilst cradling my finger and went up to the girl who looked really panicky.

"What?! It better be important because you’re not supposed to be in here!" I sternly asked her as I wasn't in a good mood right now.

She was out of breath and was struggling to speak but she soon found her words, "I-It's Jody!" She said and I was out that door in a jiffy, demanding her to tell me what happened. I didn't give a care in the world about my exam or the teacher who was screaming at me to come back.

"I-I was walking down the corridor and saw Jody sitting on the floor crying. She looked like she was in pain and I was just about to go over to her but I stop when she put her hands down to push herself up. She brought them up and they were covered in blood. I realised at the same time and ran over to her, she was crying but the only thing she said to me was 'get Andrew' so I left. Thankfully I saw a teacher on the way to you and told him that Jody needed help. I think she's now in the medical room." She told me as we were walking to the place where Jody was as it was on the way to the medical room. I quickly glanced and saw there was quite a lot of blood on the floor... that couldn't be good!

From that point I decided to run as walking fast wasn't doing anything, I needed to be with her now!

A few minutes later, Clara and I finally got to the medical room and I instantly saw Jody crying in pain on the bed. I rushed over to her and grabbed her hand.

"What happened?! Are you okay?!"

She cried as she spoke, "It hurts Andrew! It really hurts!"

"I know babe but what happened please tell me!" I said my voice breaking and the state she's in.

"C-Chloe. S-She pushed me into the lockers!" I felt the anger inside me build. I could seriously kill her right now. How dare she hurt my angel! I had all these horrible thoughts going through my head that I would do to Chloe but I tried to push them aside as Jody needed me so much right now.

The school nurse rushed into the room with some papers, "Oh Andrew your here, good! I’m afraid to say that Jody is going into labour right now! I've called the ambulance and they’re on their way. We need to keep Jody calm and breathing properly." I nodded; I'd do anything she said if it would help Jody right now.

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