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  • Dedicated to Brunei

I lay here in bed looking up at the sky

It is indeed a beautiful night today

The moon is shining bright

The stars are shining bright

Everything is peaceful and quiet

And as I lay here, I start thinking

Thinking and wondering

I think about you

What has become of you?

Are you happy?

Are you doing well?

Well I hope so

I miss the days we were together

Those special memories we shared

We’d make each other smile

And we’d make each other laugh

There were good times and bad times

But being together was worth it

And I fear we might never be together again

But I don’t want you to be another person who was once in my life

I want to see you again

I miss you my friend

I miss you

But whatever happens will happen for a reason

I won’t dwell on this matter anymore but the present

And right now I’m thinking and wondering what in the world has happened to the ceiling