Chapter 12 ~ Percy

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I have found two of the most adorable Percabeth songs ever! One of them is "I fell in love with my best friend" , I don't know who it's by though. And "stand by you" by Rachel Platten. Check out the Percabeth tributes of these songs.

Percy stared at Luke. He sneered.

"What do you want with Annabeth, Luke?"
"Ah. I forgot to tell, you. I revised my plan. According to my servant, Octavian. This plan would work better."

Percy frowned angrily. He had no idea what Luke's plan was. But he knew it wasn't going to be good. He swore that if Luke put one finger on his beloved or his child, he would die a very painful death.

"So what's your big plan?" Percy sneered again.
"Well, I have decided instead of marrying your wife. I would just capture her."
"Why you little-... if you lay one finger on her I'll-"
"Hush hush, Percy. I won't hurt her. Now, she's going to be in this cell with you. With both you and your wife here, captured, I will be able to take over your kingdom."
"But Annabeth's going to have-"
"Yes. Yes. I know. Your people will offer me part of your kingdom for their rulers back. Annabeth will have your heir here. If she survives."

There was a sudden knock on the door. A white-blond head popped in.

"Master Luke. I brought her."
"Good. Thank you Octavian. Bring her in."

A moment later. Someone was shoved into the room. Percy recognized his lover's honey blond curls and stormy gray eyes.


Percy wanted to run up to her. Embrace her. Kiss her senseless. He hadn't seen her for months. Annabeth didn't see him yet though. She was screaming.

"Let me go! I swear I'm going to kick in a very painful place and-"

She stopped abruptly, noticing Percy.

"Percy." her voice barely a whisper.
"Can it be?"
"It's really me."

He ran towards her, enveloping her in a hug. Annabeth turned to him, her gray eyes sparkling. He kissed her. She kissed back. Percy had been waiting forever for her loving lips. They needed each other desperately. Luke interrupted their wonderful moment.

"Ah. Two lovers. Why don't we leave them here. Together." he snickered.

Percy turned to Luke and frowned. Annabeth laid her head on his shoulder.

"Luke. Leave us alone."
"As you wish." he teased and left the room.

Percy lifted Annabeth's face with his finger so he would meet her beautiful gray eyes. He brought his lips to her soft pink ones and kissed them. Once he let go, he spoke.

"Annabeth. I-I love you."
"I love you too. But after all this time, that's all you have to say?"
"Aren't you glad to see me again?"
"Of course I am."

Percy looked at her with a concerned expression. He wanted to know how the baby was doing. He put a hand on her growing stomach.

"How-How's the baby?"
"It's fine Percy, stop worrying."
"I will never stop worrying. It's part of loving you."

She laughed her gorgeous laugh. He smiled at her. Even if they were in a cell, and held hostage by their enemy, he was happy to see his beloved. Percy removed his hand so he could twirl a lock of her hair. In a minute, Annabeth gasped.

"Why- what's wrong?"
"The baby. I felt something."

She took his hand again and placed it on her belly. He felt a small kick. He smiled at Annabeth, her face in shock.

"Percy. I'm scared."
"Me too. I mean, this is our first time having a baby."

She gave him a gentle grin. They laid there, arms around each other. He snuggled in her hair. Well, as much as they could with the baby still growing.

Percy thought about the baby's birth. He was scared for his wife. Death during childbirth was high. He prayed for her not to be one of those deaths. He didn't know what he would do without his Annabeth. He worried for the baby too. The baby could die also. He didn't want anything to happen to either of them.

"Percy...." his wife whispered beside him.
"Yes?" he asked.
"What.... what do you want to name the baby..?"
"I've never thought about it."
"I-I like Rosalie. And... Evelyn. Also Callista."
"What about boys?"
"A-Arthur. Hunter too."
"Those are all great names, Annabeth."
"I'm going to.... go ... to sleep now Percy."
"Okay. Sweet dreams. I love you."
"L-love you too, Percy."

Percy watched as Annabeth closed her eyes. He kissed her forehead. Percy began twirling her honey blond locks around his finger. He pulled a curl and let it go, watching it bounce. He loved playing with his wife's hair. She groaned in her sleep. Percy smiled at her. Next to door opened. Luke, again.

"Since I am a kind person, I have decided to bring you food, so you will survive. Here you go."

He tossed over a loaf of bread, two pieces of beef on a plate, some nuts, pottage, which is a type of stew, made with boiling grains, vegetables, and sometimes meat or fish. Percy frowned. He was happy to be getting food, but this was barely anything, since they had three people to feed.

"Thank you." Percy replied sarcastically.

Luckily, Luke didn't catch the sarcasm. Percy took a bite out of the beef. He wanted to wake Annabeth to tell her to eat, but he realized she probably hadn't slept for a while, worrying about him and the baby.

He sat down for a little while, using the time to think about baby names. Annabeth's head was laying on his shoulder. She kissed her forehead, again.

Now, about the baby's name. I'm going to use this time to think and make my wife happy. Rosalie is a pretty name. So is Evelyn. Callista is going to be a middle name. Maybe for a boy, Arthur Hunter. Since she liked both of those names. I have no idea what she wants as a girl's name.

Percy sighed. He had no idea what he wanted. In truth, all he wanted was for his wife and baby to be alive and healthy. He looked down at his beloved. She was smiling a peaceful smile. He laid down on the floor with his hand on her stomach and her head laying on her chest.

Well, the good news is I'm alive. The bad news: I feel like these chapters are getting worse and worse. Or they aren't getting better. Please comment on names. Please please pretty please with a cute little cherry on top. Bye.
(Haven't you ever noticed that reading books raises our expectations on dating someone? Like falling in love with your best friend? Yep. Well, I'm not falling in love easily.)

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