Mr Hamilton

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"Mr Hamilton, your appointment is here," the receptionist says prying the door open to Rocky's office. They speak a few words amongst each other, none of which I can hear before she turns and gives me a nod to go in.

I take a deep breath, sudden regret consuming me. This is terrible idea and I'm going to walk out of here in shame. He probably won't even recognise me since it's been so long.

I place my hand on the door handle and swing it open. Father's words playing in my mind. They're auctioning off the family estate.

When I enter his office, my mouth almost drops. It's bigger and better than I thought. The blacks, the whites and the silvers. The office looks futuristic just like the rest of his office.

As my head snaps in Rocky's direction, he looks up from his computer. A subtle smile spreads over his lips and I can tell he has recognised me.

I watch as he stands from his chair, his muscles practically pressing against his suit. He walks over to me and leans forward. My heart almost stops but he turns and shuts the door.

"Sky," he says in my direction. "Never thought I'd see you here."

I clear my throat. Just say what you want and go from here, I tell myself. "Hi Rocky, how have you been?"

He nods towards the chair and I walk forward, as he falls into step behind me. "I've been great, and you?"

I shake my head. "Could be better," I tell him without explaining further and he doesn't push it either.

"You look gorgeous," Rocky says as he walks past me taking a seat in his chair, a small wink in my direction.

I nod in appreciation.

I cannot waste time, not while the family business is in danger. I look down on my hands cradled in my lap. "I need your help," I say.

I can feel Rocky stir in his chair. "My help?" He questions.

I nod, this time staring him directly in the eyes. "Systematics Corp," I tell him. "Paul is screwing over my family business."

Rocky watches me for a second, a small smile spreading across his face. He gets up from his chair and walks over to the other side of the desk, where I'm sitting.

Leaning against the desk, he says, "what has Paul done?"

"Tricked my family into signing over the business," I say sternly. "And I know he is signing a deal with you, one that is very important to him. He wouldn't want to screw anything with you, and therefore I need you to advise him to terminate the contract signed."

Rocky smirks. "I can do that, it'll be a piece of cake."

I tilt my head slightly in appreciation. "Thank you," I say getting up from my chair.

As I turn to leave, I hear him clear his throat behind me. "What do I get out of it?"

I stop, my body frozen. "What do you want?"

Even with my back to him, I can sense him watching me, my every move. "You," he whispers into my ear.

I turn facing him, my head bumping into his. I fall a step behind as my hand reaches for my forehead. He smirks at me lifting a questioning eyebrow. It's almost a dare, he knows I won't accept.

"No way," I say. "Find something else."

He nods before leaning closer to me, his fingers roaming the side of my hips. "Fine," he whispers into my ear again. "Find someone else who can help."

I turn slowing watching him. His breath warming the side of my neck. "Please," I whisper weakly.

My family would be devastated. They had worked so hard for this and it could almost be all over.

"I want you," Rocky says. "You and you only."

I swallow. "What do you want with me?"

The fear builds up, knowing I won't like his answer. He cannot be a successful man without crumbling quite a few people in the midst of it. I knew that he was contemplating a way to do the same with me.

"Six months," he says. "That's all I want."

It wasn't that easy and I knew that. Wiping my sweaty hands on my jeans, I take a step away from him.

"Six months," I say. "Six months for what?"

Rocky smiles and takes another step in my direction. I watch his feet. I don't like him this close. His hand runs up my arm and I pull myself back, my back hitting the cold wall behind me.

"Marriage," he says. "A six month marriage contract. You marry me for six months and after six months we split, and go our own ways."

"What does this marriage consist of?" I ask feeling sick to my stomach.

His office is just like him, dark and mysterious and I finally understand why. Reaching for my pockets, I loop my thumbs into the belt hooks and rock back on my heel.

Rocky scans my body, a big smirk plastering across his face. His hands rest on my hip and despite wanting to tell him to shove it, I let him place his hands there. At this moment, I am utterly helpless.

"If you want me so bad, you can just ask."

I cough in attempts to free myself. "You've got to be kidding."

He laughs as his left hand leaves my hip only to wrap around my hair and pull my face closer to his.

"We're a married couple, there definitely will be sex," he says seductively.

I push myself away from him. "Absolutely not!"

He watches me, and we both know he has the ball in his court.

"Tell your family to say goodbye to the family estate."

I blink in his direction. He knows. This whole time he knew. This isn't any new news to him. Paul has probably already told him or perhaps running over my family was his idea to begin with.

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