Part 102*

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Shravan and Pushkar met up at the SUMshra & Accoicates office, right in front of PCT.

SUMshra & Accociates.

Pushkar: Wow Bhaiya! This place is really nice!! It's perfect for your firm! And after you add the new lot and expand the office, it will be perfect!

Shravan: Thanks Pushkar. I'm having the interior decorator come and fix this place up so it looks more like a law firm then an abandoned office.

Pushkar: So when is Mr. Mehta coming?

Shravan: He should be here any minute.

Mehta: (walking into the building) Looking for me??

Shravan: Ah Mr. Mehta! We were just waiting for you! Please take a seat.

Mehta: (sitting down) Sorry about the delay. Delhi traffic is getting out of control lately!

Pushkar: I know! Even if you need to go across the block, it takes an hour! And then you come home, your wife asks you a million questions on where you went! (shaking his head)

Mehta: Exactly! And then comes the silent treatment because they think we were out having fun while they rot at home! (laughing)

Shravan: Well I'm lucky my wife isn't like that! (grinning)

Pushkar: Bhaiya, that's the same thing I said about Preeti! Give your marriage a couple of weeks and you'll agree with me and Mr. Mehta!

Mehta: (laughing) Yes! And by the way, pleasure to meet you Pushkar! I have heard a lot about you!

Pushkar: Pleasure to meet you too Mr. Mehta! I have heard a lot of things about you from Bhaiya!

Mehta: Good things, I hope!!

Pushkar: Of course!

Shravan: So Mr. Mehta, did you get all of the paperwork ready for the lot next door?

Mehta: Yes of course. And I'm very sorry about what happened to PCT. I heard about the news this morning. I hope your wife is doing well.

Shravan: (sighing) Yeah, she's hanging in there. Actually, she is the reason I am buying that lot. I was thinking about temporarily opening PCT next door until that building gets remade.

Mehta: Well that's a great idea! (handing him the papers) These are all of the papers for the lot and land associated with it. And this is the price.

Shravan: No problem. I am ready to buy it at any cost. (reading through the papers)

Pushkar: Bhaiya, you fill out everything, I'll go take a look at the lot.

Mehta: Yes of course! These are the spare keys.

Shravan finishes reading through all of the paperwork, signing the papers, and handling Mr. Mehta the final check of the full payment.

Meanwhile, Pushkar checks out the lot next to Shravan's office, which is where PCT will be for the next couple of months.

As he is about to finish looking around, when Shravan enters the lot.

Pushkar: Bhaiya, did you finish signing off everything?

Shravan: Yup! (smiling) I even made the payment and Mr. Mehta left after giving me the main keys and official papers.

Pushkar: (grinning) That's perfect! Congratulations Bhaiya!!

Shravan: (smiling) Thank you Pushkar! Now time for Mission PCT!!

Pushkar: Yes!!! First things first! We have to get this lot cleaned up!

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