Mating season...| Lams

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No smut, I don't do that. Anyways, This is creature(?) AU. Alex is a lion and John is a cat(hehe, the title). Yeah, okay.


"Hey princess~" I purred to a meif'wa. He was over at my house because Lafayette, my brother had this meif'wa's friend over. It was a male meif'wa too, but he was so little and feminine. He glared at me. "Try again. Hi, my name is-?" He hissed in annoyed tone. I smirked and took his hand. "Alexander~, and you?" I hummed, watching his face heat up as I gripped his waist. "John..." the meif'wa whispered. I smiled and watched his ears fold back. It was cute, how nervous he was.

"L-listen, I'm just waiting for a friend..." John told me. I nodded and stepped back, letting go of his waist and hand. "Well, I'm just a little bored, aren't you~?" I hummed, smirking down at John, who blushed and glanced away. "Is it mating season for you or something?" John mumbled, not making eye contact. A smile grew on my face.

"At least I didn't have to spell it out..." I mumbled to myself, pinning John's hands in front of him while I forced his back to my chest. He squealed and started mewing desperately. I hesitated to cover his mouth, his pretty mews were music to my ears, but Lafayette would consider this rape. I felt him bite my finger, so I growled, stuck my finger fully into his mouth and kissed down his neck.

John gasped and spit out my finger, making me stop to run my fingers through his curly hair. I heard him whimper. "D-Did you have to stop..?" He whispered. I smiled and kissed the side of his head, takin off his sweater to reveal so many bruises. John cowered down and put his arms up in defense. He really thought that he was going to get beaten. I went behind him and kissed his shoulder softly as he mewed. I heard him purr as I wrapped my arms around his waist, drawing circles around his bruises.

I let go of John and picked up my phone. John's purring stopped. He put his little hands on my arm and touched his nose to my cheek. I looked at him and smirked. "What do you think you're doing, Princess?" I asked. John blushed and let go of my arm, playing with his fingers as he stammered. "W-well, I... I- I don't know..." John stuttered. I smiled and kissed his jawline.

"I'm texting my brother that you're staying over." I told John, who blushed and nodded. He crawled onto the bed and curled up, his tail rubbing against the comforter. He purred and mewed as I touched his hip. I was trying so hard not to strip him down and kiss him right now. Laf started calling, so I ran to the bathroom and answered. I knew what he was going to say.

"Alexander, no!"

"Alexander, yes~"

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