"What? Why? I'm here just trying to help you out but-"

Camila grabbed my face and her lips suddenly pressed to mine. My eyes widened but then I realized what was happening so I shut them and kissed her back. Placing my hands on her waist and pulling her closer

Once our kissed ended she pulled away slowly and rested her forehead against mine

"Get it now?" She asked

"O-oh" I said and she giggled

She traced her fingers over my lips "I've wanted to do that for the longest time" she said

"Camila why haven't you ever told me" I asked her as I was still shocked

"I didn't know if you'd feel the same way" she said looking down

I lifted her chin and made her look at me "I've felt it for a long time" I said and she smiled

"Well you were taking forever I had to make the move" she said causing me to laugh

"So where does this leave us?" She asked

"Let's do this, let me take you on the best date of your life and we can see what happens from there" I said and she nodded

"Okay I like that idea but can I still kiss you again" she asked and I nodded and leaned down to glue our lips together again

I then grabbed her hand "let's go home" I said and we began to walk.

The house where the party was wasn't too far from our homes so it was alright

"So where are you taking us for our first date?" She asked

"I don't know. This all just happened so quickly" I said and she giggled

"We can go to golf n stuff like in Karate Kid. I always thought that's a cool date " I said and she laughed

"I like that" she said

Camila's POV:

"You're so going to lose y/ln" I yelled as I sped past her on a go kart

"Hey no cheating you bumped me" she yelled

We were on our last lap and I made it to the finish line first and I cheered as I hopped out the little vehicle

"I let you win cause I'm nice" y/n said as she got up from the kart

"Yea yea sure that's what you said every time I beat you when we were younger" I said gloating to her even more she just rolled her eyes

"Let me put these back and we can play some golf and I'll beat you then" she said

"Oh sure. You always sucked at mini golf" I said. It was True she never won a game

"Oh but I've had plenty of practice and considering I work here now I know every little trick on each course" she said winking at me which kinda made my heart jump not gonna lie

She went to put back the karts away and when she came back she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the golf courses

I felt like we were those kids in love again. I couldn't stop the goofy smile on my face

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