Chapter 4

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Y/N's POV:

{ages 15-16}

(A/n I feel like when I do flashbacks telling you the ages will make things easier for you. Also you're a little older than Camila)

"Camila stop please" I yelled trying to get her attention

"Just leave my alone y/n" she yelled

She was walking way faster than me. It was around midnight. Camila got invited to party by some boy she's been crushing on in the football team. I was also there but got invited by different people that I was cool with

I wasn't exactly "popular" but I wasn't a complete outcast either. I was well known and cool with about everyone. Camila was more the shy type and only stuck to her own group of friends. And although we were best friends it didn't mean we were together 24/7. We let ourselves hang out with our own other friends since we had different crowds but a lot of times I hung out with Camila and her friends. Which was only when none of my own friends were around

Anyway the guy tried getting sweet little innocent Camila to drink and do things she wasn't comfortable with. Camila of course refused the dude got mad went to hook up with another girl

Which led to Camila walking out the party and crying her eyes out. Which led to me going to chase after her. Of course I didn't leave without giving the dude a kick to where the sun don't shine and also my own guy friends to kick his ass.

I grabbed Camila by the arm making her stop and turn around to face me. My heart broke at the sight of her eyes glossy and her chubby cheeks stained with tear streaks

"Mila" I said in a whisper as my voice cracked cause I was so hurt at seeing her like that

"Why does this always happen to me y/n" she sobbed "What's wrong with me"

"Nothings wrong with you Camila" I said grabbing her hand

"Then why am I always getting rejected" she sobbed again

"Maybe you're looking in the wrong place" I said

"I keep telling myself I'm not" she said

"W-what?" I asked

"I'm trying so hard to find a boyfriend y/n. I need a boy" she said

"Why?" I asked 

"Because I'm confused y/n" she yelled and I just gave her a weird look

"I tell myself maybe if I find a boy that these thoughts will go away and every tine I meet a boy it doesn't work out. Then I get mad because I can't get who I really want out of my head" she yelled

"O-Okay if it's not a boy, then who is it you really want? " I asked

"You really don't know?" She asked me and I shook my head

"Do I know her? Maybe I can talk to her for you" I said rambling

"You're really stupid you know?" She said in a amused laugh

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