Chapter 17: This Is War

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Naruto walked onto the desert valley the Tsuchikage had told him to meet him at. He walked up a rocky hill using his chakra to stick to it. When he got to the top, was he surprised.

An army was waiting about 300 yards away from him from different villages. It seems they have allied themselves with eachother...that will not help them in the slightest. Naruto thought with a smirk under his mask. He walked forward before he saw the 5 Kage in the backround. He performed a small jutsu that made his voice all the louder.

"Hand over the the man and the woman, and I will surrender. You have my word as a ninja." Onoki smirked before he flicked his finger and let Samui go running towards Naruto. When she reached him, she wrapped him into a big hug, which he graciously accepted. "They didn't do anything to you, did they?" She shook her head sadly.

"The only bad thing that happened was when the Kumo Ninja called me a "damned traitor"." He frowned at this before he patted her shoulder twice before turning back to the large army.

"Now the man." He demanded. Onoki smirked again.

"Take off your mask, announce your surrender and this boy will return back to you." Naruto growled.

"This was not part of our agreement. You either give me my brother back or I will unleash hell upon you!" He shouted, obviously angered. Onoki heard the anguish in Naruto's voice making him grin wickedly.

"Very well." The old man turned to the large man who was holding Obito. "Kill him." Everyone's eyes widened as they watched Obito throat get sliced open as crimson blood flowed out and he fell face down. Naruto could only watch as his brother died in front of him.

"No..Not another one." He whispered as he slowly took off his mask and fell to his knees. "Not another precious person gone." He said as tears flowed down his face like rivers. He looked at his mask before he threw it away angrily. "FINE! YOU WANT A WAR OLD MAN! I'LL SHOW YOU ONE! I, NARUTO UCHIHA, WILL BE YOUR JUDGE, JURY, AND EXECUTIONER! AND I WILL RELEASE ALL OF HELL ON YOU!"

"N-Naruto's alive?!" Said Orochimaru, Minato and Satsuki at the same time as they heard his speech. Naruto snarled as his EMS activated and started spinning rapidly. He took off his cloak and threw that on the ground and looked at Samui.

"Stay out of this. This just got personal." He said before he looked back at the army of shinobi. "PREPARE TO SEE WHAT A REAL DEMON LOOKS LIKE!" He yelled as he started walking towards the army as he slowly picked up speed, the army doing the same.

"He's only one man, we can take him!" They reasoned as they began sprinting at the angered Uchiha. Naruto snarled as he met a thrown kunai with his sword and began obliterating all shinobi alike with just kenjutsu.

He dodged punches, kicks, swipes with swords, and returned them with his own, killing them with ease as he delt with the army. He jumped in the air and landed on someone's neck before he used his legs to break their neck and landed on his feet. He saw someone throw an explosive tag at him and he caught it, swiped the tag off, put it one a Rock Shinobi and kicked the man towards a group that exploded in a large gush of blood.

Minato looked at his fellow Kages. "We cannot let him destroy our forces! We must fight him!" The other Kages, who were stuck in a space between amazement and horror, could only nod before they took off towards Naruto.

Naruto made a couple handsigns and stuck his hand out as a large lightning bolt shot out, impaling and killing many of the shinobi at once. He saw the Kages start charging towards him and he began charging back, destroying any shinobi that got in his way, his intent of destruction was the Rock Kage.

Orochimaru, who had been gathering chakra for a certain technique that he wasn't proud of, wince internally as he saw Naruto on a murderous rampage. He was using the Impure Resurrection Technique which he had found out he could use shadow clones instead of the three sacrafices that Tobirama had used.

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