|Handsome Jack| "Do You Realise How Powerful I Am?"

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You and Jack were close, best friends in fact

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You and Jack were close, best friends in fact. People feared the two of you. However, everyone had their secrets. Yours? Well, yours was more than just a little secret. You were a siren. Not just any siren, the most powerful siren Pandora and Hyperion had ever seen. You were stronger than Maya, Angel, and Lillith combined.

You walked around Liarsburg. Jack was strolling along beside you, being his sarcastic, witty self.

"You know what this planet needs Y/N?"

"To be rebuilt?"

"Indeed, imagine. If I had enough eridium and a powerful siren to use I could awaken that damn warrior."

Your heart stopped on the word 'Siren' you cleared your throat and looked back over smiling. Your head then thought about Angel; she was like a sister, Even though you were significantly older than her. However, she was gone now, taken away by some vault hunters. You watched her body fall to the floor. You heard her last breath in which she addressed Jack as an asshole. He was but, He was still human. You know that the words Angel spoke on that day affected him.

You averted your gaze back to the white glaciers ahead. Growling emitted from all sides as skags began to move in around the two of you. You grabbed your gun and aimed it at one shooting. You shot again killing a few others. You felt a sharp stabbing pain in your side as you watched a skag bite into your side. Picking you up in its jaws and throwing you into the cold waters. You screamed out and heard Jack yell

"Y/N!" A gunshot was heard shortly after.

The water submerged you like a blanket, hiding you away from all your senses. You looked to your arm and watched as the peach paint began to chip away, revealing your dark red tattoos. You shook your head and began to swim down even more. You didn't want Jack to find you. Your eyes grew dark, and your sight became dim as you began to breathe in. All you felt was the water filling in through your mouth, and a pair of arms wrap tightly around your waist.

You woke up to what sounded like electricity going through a light. You opened your eyes a slight amount, revealing light through two slits. Your head throbbed as you began to sit up. You moved your arm to above your head resulting in your body jolting in pain, you threw your self forward and grabbed your knees in pain, you cried out loudly. You heaved and looked around. Metal surrounded you; every corner coated in it. You looked to one side and noticed the word Hyperion smothered over the wall. You gasped as you realized you were trapped in a high-security Hyperion cell.

"Jack?" You cried out.

The door at the top of the cell opened revealing a tall figure who loomed around. The guards jumped in quietly and stood across from you.

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