Good Morning!

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Waking Up Next To Them!

(These are probably are going to be short sorry! And to make up for it i will make another one)

Valt Aoi

Your eyes opened slowly. The blinding light of the room made you to almost close your eyes again. You sat up. Feeling refreshed. You felt shuffling next to you. You looked down, to see Valt's sleepy face. His body was somewhat sprawled out on the couch, but making enough room for you. 

His yellow headband was kinda tangled up in his blue hair. Speaking about his hair, it wasn't all spiked up but kinda messy. You slowly take it off. Valt almost never really let's you touch it. You don't know why but he just doesn't. 

You put it off to the side, you began to poke and nudge Valt to wake up. Nothing. You sighed and pouted, you finally got an idea that would probably work 

You leaned down as you began kissing Valt on his cheeks first, then slowly to his own lips. Valt's eyes widened, he immediately blushes red. "(Y-Y-Y/N)!" He stutters, you smiled, "Good morning, sleepy head." You teased. Valt sits there for a straight minute, then immediately hugs you and smothers you with kisses. You began laughing because of how sloppy the kisses were. Plus they tickled.

Shu Kurenai

You woke up. The first thing you noticed is a good smelling aroma. Your eyes widened, immediately sitting up. 

This became to be a routine. Of course you would sleep with Shu sometimes and every morning you would always wake up to a delicious aroma. 

"Good mornin', (Y/N)." Shu greeted. Coming in the room with a plate. Your eyes twinkled as Shu set down the plate of food. "Thank you, Shu!" You say, giving a quick kiss of Shu's cheek. And you began to eat. Shu ruffled your hair, giving another smile. 

Life with Shu wouldn't be that bad. After all, you love mornings with Shu.

Rantaro Kiyama

Every now and then, Rantaro would always somehow wake up before you. Considering he likes to stay asleep for more than enough. But he would always try to wake up before you to admire your sleepy face.

You felt movement next to you. Feeling the warmth leave you even a little bit. You gripped the unknown source of warmth a little tighter. You heard it chuckle a little bit. "(Y/N), you can let go now." "Noooooo....." You trailed off. You can feel Rantaro kssing your face. First your forehead, cheeks, nose, and then lips. Your eyes bolted open. Blushing a little, you began to cuddle Rantaro.

"(Y/N), we have to get up." Rantaro says, you pouted and eventually sat up. Stretching. Rantaro hugs you from behind. Giving you small neck kisses.

Daina Kurogami

You were the first one to wake up. Surprisingly. Daina would always be up before you and make you both breakfast. But today was special and different. You wanted to see what Daina looked up with his hair down.

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