All of Nothing

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  The ninjas were out to try to gather information about Pythor and the last fangblade. Nya was teaching me how to drive the bounty and Lloyd was a little too uninterested to even listen. I had asked her so if it was being needed and no one except for me and Lloyd was on board, so could I at least pick them up.

The ninjas came back and looked at the map. I was driving the ship as training when there was no danger.

"The venomari was right. By the time we cast sail all the way to the other side of Ninjago, Pythor will already have beat us to the last fangblade." Nya say as she show the fangblade on the map.

"Oh! Come on guys! This is the last one! We gotta get it! Can't we think of something?" Jay exclaim. Cole put his hand to his chin and thought with a 'hmmm'.

"Hey. All we have to do is just to get one fangblade to stop him. What if we take the other three? There's no risk that Pythor are carrying them with him. He's probably hide them somewhere while he goes for the fourth." Lloyd say.

"It's so simple!" Cole say.

"Heh! Why didn't I think about that?" Kai ask more himself.

"It can't be 'that' easy!" Jay say.

"Easy. My algorithm suggest that taking the other three would be far more dangerous. Pythor would undoubtedly have them protected by his top generals." Zane say.

"Hah! Finally I don't have to hold back!" Kai say gladly.

"Even though if you 'could' steal the other three... you don't know where they are." Garmadon say and everyone looks at him as he do.

"He's right. For the past few weeks there have been almost no serpentin sighting. How do they move around? It's like they are ghosts." Wu state.

"They're snakes." I say.

"That's right! They're snakes! Bridge, give me a sonar sweep of Ninjago." Nya say and the bridge sweep over the map but nothing was found.

"See! Nothing. It's just like sensei said" Kai say.

"Look underground." I say again.

"Snakes burrow! Bridge, now give me a sonar sweep, but this time, six feet below surface." Nya say and now the bridge found snakes.

"All the tombs has been interconnected-" Kai say.

"To make one massive underground fortress!" Cole fill in.

"And all this time, right under our noses." Jay say. 'What noses?' I think to myself and smirk.

"Or rather, feet." Zane corrected him.

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