Chapter 3

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Luke's pov

" I-I think we should break up"

As the words came out of my mouth I knew I made mistake I glanced over to him he was looking  at his hands. "what the fuck did you just say" I flinched when hear him "I-I think we should break up." I can see him starting to make his hands in to a  fists I should leave before something bad happens to me I get up from the bed. " I-i'm going to go home" I say i think to my self that he is taking this more fine then I thought he would take it. I  go to the door to open it when I feel his  fist go past my face. To the door he grabs my shorter and turned me around to face him then he pushes me against the door the pain shoots down my back. I look at my feet not wanting to see his face because I know if I look in the his eyes I'm going to see a monster looking back at me. " Who the fuck do you think you are you are not going to leave me you little shit you're mine and nobody else's do you understand me."

I Keep looking at the fool knowing that I should not say anything but I still do. " Please l-let me go Oliver I really just want to go home you are really mad right know so I think I." Before I can say the last words I feel and see his hand go around my chin pulling my face up to look at him. He grinning evilly. " So you really want to leave me huh" I feel him move his other hand to my arm he grabs a tightly. "P-Plea" before I can get the words out of my mouth he throws me to the  ground. I look up in terror he still has that evil grin on his face when he starts unbuckling his pants. " So You have the audacity to think you can leave me and you Think you have the audacity to talk back wow you grow some balls sauce last time I punched you did you." I just keep looking at him not knowing what to say "  I ASK YOU A QUESTION"he yelled in my face. " I-I do do not know" I whisper he laughs at that me . " Will I Guess I have to teach you the rules again" his evil grin came back to his face he pulls his belt off.

"Please I didn't mean it I'm so so sorry please Oliver " I yell at him "oh so know you can yell at me hmm." he said then he slapped my legs with the belt i scream. "Please I'm so so sorry baby please stop"he laughs at me "so I'm your baby now you just wanted to leave me like a second ago what changed?" He yelled as he keeps beating I think I should try to get away. I flipped on my stomach feeling all the pain. I start trying to crawl away he grabs my leg and pulls me  back and he starts beating my back. I scream the pain is so bad I've never felt this much pain before I feel my eyes start getting heavy I start getting dizzy I shut my eyes and everything went black.

Oliver's  pov

I keep slapping him and he's not moving or making any sounds I stop I bend down to look at him his eyes are closed. " Hey fucker I'm not done with you yet " I yell in his face I look at his body how bloody it is I suddenly snapped out of my anger. " Oh my god baby I'm so sorry please wake up" I grab his body trying to shake him awake but he's not he's not waking up. Did I  kill him oh no my baby let me feel his pulse. His pulse it's there he's not dead thank god he must've passed out of pain or something. I need to clean him so I pick him up his body so bruised and cut all over what did I do. I was walking to my bathroom I carefully  placed him on the bathroom floor I turn on the water on of the tub waiting for it to  fill up. I look down at him again he looks so sad he looks so pitiful I can't believe I did this to him my one and only.

I didn't mean to get so angry with him but the thought of him leaving me I can't live that to  him I love him I'm not going to let him leave me.  The water was finally done I put him in the tub and I start cleaning him up. Being very careful making sure I'm not hurting him more then I've done.  I take him out of the tub and dried him off carefully not wanting to hurt him more. I walk out off my bathroom and i go to grab some of my clothes to put on him. i walk back to my bathroom I carefully put the clothes on him. Then I pick him up carefully walking back into my room carefully put him on my bed. I never been this bad before I feel really bad about this I put the blanket over him and I lay next to him wrapping my arms around him as I fall asleep.

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