chapter 2

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hey, guys Angela here this is what angel and mike look like I hope you like it mike is on the right and angel is on the left know......................................

Luke's pov

I walk out of my house and look down the street, I put my earphones in as I start to walk to school, its only a 10-minute walk so it's not bad. There's only one problem, if Oliver and his friends are walking to school, I'm fucked I fell asleep last not and I didn't text Oliver back, I don't know why I go out with him I love him but not things he dose to me, the way he makes me feel I hate myself now, I can't even look into a mirror, I was listening to Music loud so I didn't hear the car pulling up. I can feel someone pushed me into a brick wall. I look up and see Oliver, his friends Mike and Angel were  behind him, they looked and laughed at me. I know what's coming next the pain, they started kicking me all I can think to do is to go into a ball trying to protect my ribs, they sat there kicking me for 5 minutes at least damn Oliver must be really mad.

The next thing I know I hear Oliver say"ok guys you can go I got this from here" they both kick me one more time then they left, I look up at  Oliver  and he's smiling at me, he kneels down to me and whispers    " why didn't you text me last night" he says looking into my eyes. I see the coldness in those eyes, I think no I know he is looking for my fear,  "why do you think I let them beat you so badly? Because you always piss me the fuck off! I hate you so fucking much I wish I could just kill you!" He says with so much anger in him, I look away knowing not to look him in the eye,   "I-I'm sorry I fell asleep last night I didn't know that you texted me, I'm so sorry Oliver" I say in a low voice, "will at least your sorry" he said smiling "well I have to go but come to my house after school ok." Why, why does he do this to me all I have ever done is love him but all he gives me is hate, I know that I am on thin ice so I try to get my words out but it was not fast enough for him, "OK" he yelled "o-ok" I say back to him.

He gets up from his knee and walks away I start to no more like try to get up but I stop when I hear his voice, " bye baby see you tonight" He said in his deep sexy voice that he puts on for all the girls. I try to get up but I fell back to my knees, I yell out in pain, " fuckkk" the pain was so bad I started to cry. I know if I give my body time I'll be ok, so I sat there for 10 minutes thinking about how my life has become a total shit show.

Sadly this happens all the time, I feel in love with one of the most popular guys in my school, he loved me back and he has anger issues, Some people might have Called me lucky, but the anger got out of hand. Why can he just find somebody else? why does he have to do this to me? He takes his anger out on me, but tells me he love me, he lets his friends beat me and let them call me names for no reason just because to show he doesn't care. why does he have his friends do this to me. I think it's time, I'm going to break up with him tonight but I'm afraid, I'm so scared. What is he going to do to me? Is he going to kill me? Probably but it's better then living like this. Tonight I will say the last goodbye to Oliver and I hope he understands that I will always love him but his abuse is to much to handle, let's hope this goes well.


The last bell rings, I get up quickly knowing that if I take too long going to his house it's not going to be good for me. I stepped out of the school and I see him in his car with his friends he looks at me and gives me a small smile. I quickly start walking towards his house I put my earphones on trying to think about how I'm going to tell him that I'm breaking up with him. Do I want to go straight out and tell him I'm braking up with him or do I do it slowly, is he going to let me live this house with my life tonight? Probably not but fuck it I can do this! I finally make it to his house and I see his car is already in the driveway his mom and dad are never home they are always at work. I know just to walk in so I do so, I see he's not in the living room. So I go into his bedroom I see him sitting on his bed looking at his phone he looks up from his phone and gives me a big smile

"Hey baby how you doing how was school today?" he asked in such a sweet voice that I almost forget what happened today, I remember who he really is. I  sat there looking at him for a couple of seconds. "Well, I asked you a question didn't I " his tone of sweet is gone, back to the man I know "oh sorry it was great how was your day baby," I say quickly back to him. He gets a big smile on his face I know that I dodged a bullet there. " Oh it was good can't believe football starts tomorrow " he says happily "oh yeah football starts tomorrow I forgot" he nods at me happily. I smile at him and say "hey can I sit next to you I need to talk to you about something " I say with my sweet voice maybe that will help, "yeah course baby you kind of make me nervous what do you need to talk to me about."

I walk over to him and I sit next to him "so  what do we  need to talk  about baby?" He said with his eyes looking into mine "Oh well, I think we need to" for some reason I can't get the last words out of my mouth I didn't realize how scared I was until now. "We need to what,"  he asks with a serious voice I look him in the eyes and I just say it, "I-I think we should break up".

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