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Alex fell in love with the guy he's supposed to protect. O h n o.


"Alexander?" I asked my father, "that sounds like the man who wants to kill me, not protect-" "Jack, please. I don't want you to die!" My father was one of the richest men in New York, Henry Laurens. He was being targeted. To my surprise, he didn't care that I was gay and wants to protect me. "Well, Pa, it's not like I want you to-!" I started raise my voice.

"Excuse me, Mr. Laurens?"

My father and I turned our heads to a tall man and our short butler. "Sir, this is Alexander." Our butler told us and left. I looked up at Alexander and smiled. He smiled back and took my hand, kissing the back of it. "You must be John Laurens?" The man hummed. I just nodded. "Alexander." My father coughed out to get our attention, "your duties are to protect my son and granddaughter. No one should be with them alone besides you." My father instructed.

I sighed and placed a hand on my baby bump. Francis Kinloch: my baby daddy, who, to my 'surprise', left me when I told him about our baby. So, yeah, I'm not very fond of anything that has to do with me and a significant other. "Sir, I don't see a child..." Alexander questioned, looking around. I turned, grabbed Alexander's hand and placed it on my stomach.

"How old is she?" Alexander asked. "Four months... her father won't be here. Ever." I hissed, feeling Alexander's hand slide off my belly. "Has he passed?" He asked. I guffawed shaking my head. "Actually, he wanted something. Besides a husband and child. He wanted our money, so he left when he knew he was screwed." I simply complied.

Alex smirked. "Screwed down with a child and beautiful husband." Alexander joked. I smiled and walked out of my father's office, hearing my bodyguard following. "Alright... so, I want to show you around. I'm guessing you haven't seen anything since you're looking around like an idiot." I hummed, watching Alexander look around like an idiot. Wow, how shocking.

Okay, maybe I'm being rude because I find him attractive... which I don't. I strongly believe that he is being ignorant...

Alex looked down at me, a smirk on his face. "I'm sorry, I'm lost." Alexander shrugged as he spoke. I cocked an eyebrow as he chuckled. "Are you lost in the house?" I asked. Alexander just smirked and took my hand. I sighed as he took me outside. He grabbed a seat at the patio table for me, helping me sit down and calling for lemonade.

"I could be allergic. You don't know me." I scolded. Alexander sighed and took a seat next to me. "Are you?" Alexander asked. I smiled and shook my head. "No, I'm not. I just like to mess with you." I giggled, placing a hand over my mouth to hold most of the sound in. I didn't want to open up to him so quickly.

"That was pretty." Alexander hummed. I looked at him feeling a blush grow on my cheeks. I looked down and waited for the drinks Alexander called for. "So." Alex question. I looked up at him with a confused look. "So..?" I asked him, smiling slightly. "What's her name?" Alexander asked, pointing to his stomach. "Oh! I'm naming her Frances." I told him. "After your ex-boyfriend..?" Alexander asked in disbelief. I nodded. "I always liked the name. The girls' spelling, though." I explained. Alexander nodded and smiled as my butler came out with two lemonades.

I smiled and took one glass, taking a sip. "So, Alexander," I hummed, setting my glass in the table. "Why have you come to protect me?" "Your father needs you, of course. If someone were to take you out of the picture, your father would be devastated and wouldn't work. That's what I know from our conversation earlier. He seemed stressed and exhausted, even while you're here." Alexander told me. I nodded.

He knew so much in fifteen minutes. Was he a spy? Maybe, he actually was sent here to assassinate me and my father. I heard a shout.

"John, get back!" Alexander yelled, pulling out a gun and standing. I looked up, too much was happening too quickly. A man was now in the garden, accompanied with two taller men. They all had the same, predator-eyes. I felt an arm wrap around my waist and twist me behind the user. I looked up to see Alexander, staring straight ahead at the three men. He shot at the middle man, then the one on the left. The man on the right quickly surrendered, dropping to his knees. Alexander sighed and told me to get in the house.

"No." I huffed, "I want answers!" "John, please." Alex whispered sternly into my ear, brushing his lips across my forehead. I nodded and walked inside, hearing another gunshot . I whipped around to see Alexander, a small, dark splatter on his suit. I opened my mouth to say something, only to be cut off my Alexander's lips. He broke off and cleared his throat. "They were planning on stealing you. To break your father." Alexander told me, adjusting the sleeves on his suit. I just nodded.

I fell in love with my bodyguard...

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