healing the broken

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Blue Diamond was holding you in her hands looking down at you. She felt happy that you were in her life and didn't want to let go of you. You were were in blue diamond room with her and her pearl. She put you down near her pearl so she can watch and make sure you won't escape again. You sat there looking at your gem seeing it was getting worse but you didn't worry that much. because all you need to do was stay calm and not get angry or fight anyone so it won't break more. Blue Diamond pearl saw your gem making her grab your hand and look at it to see it was damaged badly.

Blue pearl: what happened to you? Did Blue Diamond do this to you?

(Y/n): no I got this on earth fighting aquamarine. She used her wand to grab me and started to slam my body on the floor. It made my gem crack and I started to become weaker since that day.

Blue pearl: so your gem might shatter.

(Y/n): I could but there a rose quartz at the trial who is my only hope to restore my gem back.

Blue Diamond heard you talking to each other making her turn around to see what you two were talking about.

Blue Diamond: what are you two talking about?

Blue pearl: my diamond I was just asking topaz about the so call crystal gems.

Blue Diamond: is that so tell me about it. I want to hear why you change sides.

(Y/n): blue Diamond the reason why I change sides was-

Suddenly someone started to knock on blue Diamond door making her answer it. Blue Diamond open the door to see yellow diamond at her door. Yellow diamond came into her to see if blue was alright.

Yellow diamond: blue are you ok how are u feeling.

Blue Diamond: Im ok yellow don't worry about me im fine. I shouldn't let things like that bring me down.

Yellow diamond: that's good to hear your starting to act like your old self.

Blue Diamond: yellow tell me what do you think about the topaz.

Yellow diamond: which one?

Blue Diamond: the male you created by scratch. What do you think about him?

Yellow diamond: well to be honest I didn't like when he changed sides with the crystal gems. But I still have feelings for him. Why what do you feel about the topaz?

Blue Diamond: well I hate him when he had sex with others thinking he can have any girl he wants.

Yellow diamond: so you hate him.

Blue Diamond: no I Still have feelings for the topaz.

Yellow diamond: I knew you would still have feelings for the topaz blue. Ill be going now.

Yellow diamond was about to walk out of the door until she turn back and look at blue Diamond.

Yellow diamond: oh blue I went to the topaz cell and I notice he was gone. Did you take him out of the cell blue or did he escape and don't you dare lie to me.

Blue Diamond: yellow im sorry but yes I did. Topaz please come out and show yourself.

You came out from hiding and went up to yellow diamond. Yellow look down at you with her arms crossed and sigh on what to do.

(Y/n): my diamond im sorry for betraying.

Yellow put her hand down on the floor for you to get on her hand. You went on to her hand making her pick up her hand and carry you like that.

Blue Diamond: yellow please don't hurt him.

Yellow diamond: im not going to hurt him im just confuse. Topaz you are really confusing I don't know if I should call you and enemy or a friend.

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