Moonlight Sonata

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"The moon will guide you through the night with her brightness, but she will always dwell in the darkness, in order to be seen." - Shannon L. Alder

"Fina-freaking-ly," Rhowette spat out as she entered her little attic room. Making a nose dive for her bed, she shut the still open laptop and placed it down the side of her bed before falling back on her bed covers.

Lauren and her greek  god of a neighbor could wait until she was well rested before their Netflix session will continue. But maybe not the Pringles, she thought, as she stuffed a couple of slices into  her mouth before placing the can beside the laptop and lying back again
Stretched out like that, she felt the tension ebb out slowly. Letting her eyes shut close she wondered if she could ever feel as well rested as she did the previous night. She reluctantly lifted her hand to her mouth to brush off the crumbs before turning to her side to hug a pillow.

Even though she had fallen asleep, the previous night, leaning awkwardly against the willow tree, she woke up briefly at some point to find herself curled up into the fur of the wolf she had been staring at. Up close, his fur was a golden brown, so soft and so warm. She could hardly believe that had actually happened because she definitely did not wake up with the wolf beside her.

"Yhup, you, Rhowette Amana Skywood, are officially crazy." She murmured to herself as she drifted off to sleep.

The moon was high up in the blackened sky when the shrouded figure stealthily creeped up the stairs, towards the attic. Stopping behind Rhowette's door, he reached out and deftly turned the door knob. He pushed the door open and entered, turning to shut it with a silent click.

His slow steps drew him closer to her bed till he stood right at the side, peering down at the sleeping girl who was clothed in an oversized T-shirt and a pair of booty shorts that left her creamy thighs and long legs on display

"So very beautiful, and now all mine," he murmured in an eerie voice that could literally cause a wave of goose bumps to pop up.

He leaned forward, using his right hand to cup her cheek before swooping down to plant a kiss at the base of her neck.

Rhowette tried to move away from whatever was trying to disturb her sleep when she was suddenly held still by a pair of arms. Suddenly wet, sloppy kisses were being placed on her neck causing her eyes to snap open.

On impulse, she attempted to push her attacker away but he still held on pushing his weight on her.

He swiftly pinned her arms above her head with one hand and tried to use his free hand to push her top up so he could cup her breast.

Struggling against his weight, Rhowette managed to free her hands and begun to ferociously claw at his face.
Muttering a curse, her attacker sent her head barreling down unto her bed with the force of the blow he had delivered to her jaw.

The sudden pain that shot through her jaw wrenched out a blood curdling scream from her lungs.

Knowing that the scream would wake the other occupants of the house, her attacker grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face into a pillow.

"You bitch." He muttered as he quickly begun to undo his belt. He was counting on the fact that, the apparent lack of concern of the household in Rhowette's wellbeing will give him enough time to get what he wanted since he knew no one will immediately rush to her aid.

With one of his hands still holding her by the hair, he tried to push down her shorts.
Determined to not go down without a fight, Rhowette kicked her legs beneath him, managing to score when her knee came into contact with his groin.

Stunned at the onslaught, her attacker let go of her to cup his prized jewels, giving Rhowette the chance to push him off her. Rolling off the bed, she flicked the switch beside her bed, flooding the room with light.

"You!!!!" She muttered in unconcealed rage when she took in the identity of her attacker.

Just then, Charles barged into the room. Looking between his son and his step daughter, he tried to assess the situation.

"What is going on here?" He demanded.

"He.....he tried to rape me."

"That is not true dad, you know-"

"Just shut up Victor." Charles snapped, staring into the unfocused eyes of his son. It was obvious that Victor was high but he believed that Rhowette was to be blamed.

"Go to your room right now." He addressed Victor, leaving no room for arguments.

Victor stamped out in anger, not before throwing a look of disgust at Rhowette.

"Now you little whore. Listen to me. Stop parading yourself around in an attempt to ensnare my son just so you can loot away some of our property. It would not work. Not while I am around."

Rhowette stared at him disbelief.

" Are you for real?" She scoffed, " I was just attacked by your pathetic excuse of a son in my own room and you think this is some plan on my part. How dim witted can you possibly be?"

"Don't test my patience young lady."

"Oh, just shut up already. I'm sick and tired of cowering under you. I have had enough of you ordering my life about. Just-"

Her words were cut off with a slap that turned her head dangerously to the right.

"This is all you can do you coward. Hitting and preying on those weaker than you. Hit me, kick me, do your worst."

"You do not want to know the worst I could possibly do to you Rhow. And if I were you, I would keep my mouth shut."

"Never again," she spat out.

"You brought this upon yourself," he sneered before he started laying punch after punch all over her body till she lay writhing in pain on the floor, weak and unable to move a muscle.

But he didn't stop there. He dragged her into her bed and tied her hands to her bed post with one her loose stretchy tops that lay in a pile beside her bed.

"You little bitch, I will teach you how whores like you are supposed to be treated."  He said as he pulled down her shorts and panties.

She could not fight back, she was weak and useless. And she could only lie there numbly as she watched Charles do away with his pajama pants through watery eyes.

She closed her eyes as the tears slid down her cheeks. Death would probably have been way better than this.

She bit back a scream when he slammed roughly into her, refusing to give him the satisfaction of seeing her fully tear apart.

She sealed every painful thrust into memory knowing deep down that she would make him pay dearly for this.

Pulling up his pats, he untied her and sneered, "Like mother, like daughter," before turning to leave the room.

With the tears streaming rapidly down her face, Rhowette pulled up her shorts and then pulled on her cardigan before racing down the stairs and out into the woods, running under the moonlight like the rising crescendos of a sonata.

She was not sure of where she was headed, but she blindly pushed forward, ignoring the ache between her legs until her legs on their own accord gave out beneath her.

Lying on the ground with her now dirty tear streaked face, she wept till tears refused to flow. Gasping  for breath she lay there till the darkness claimed her.

Author's note:
Okay, so this chapter actually got me kinda emotional. Sorry for the typos. What do you guys think of this chapter? I'll be waiting for your responses.

<3 KellaYebba

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