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The End of Fairy Tail

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Cons (For every pro, there's a con and unfortunately....well, let's list em):

- Lissana was a very lost potential tbh and I'm not the only one who feels this. She was the freaking childhood friend of Nastu for crying out loud. She had a huge impact on him. And there was a huge potential for her and Lucy to become really close. Just... she's not my favorite but there was a huge number of possibilities and they never got used. Hey whatever floats the author's boat but still.

- Again, the Thunder Tribe barely got any focus after the Fantasia arc and the Crime Socierè never really made an impact on the series other than Jellal "living for Erza" BS. I mean, I ship Jerza but come on, that can't be his only purpose! Lissana's older siblings were barely mentioned in the recent arcs and....yeah, you get my point.

- I think the reason why the series dipped was because there was too many characters to keep track of (and honestly I don't think I'm exempt from falling into this trap with MF) and many characters that fans wanted to see didn't get all that much focus other than their introduction (Can we say Lyon, Ultear and Meredy?)

So while Fairy Tail wasn't the greatest quality wise, it was still a fun ride, even if it was a tad too long.

For me, the final chapter was a great wrap up for the series. I actually like the way it ended shipping wise cause we can come up with our own interpretations on how they'll turn out. IMO, the Big Four are all canon by this point so whether you ship them or not, there's really no point in arguing that fact. I mean, Levy and Gajeel are fucking pregnant, Gray literally just admitted that he wants Juvia to be with him, Jellal and Ezra see each other frequently now that he's free (don't tell me this doesn't happen, the girl is brushing her hair every day for Pete's sake) and Natsu (while running away from a confession yet again) says that he and Lucy have all the time in the world now.

To the naysayers who say otherwise: AHAHAHAHAHA suck it.

(I'm sorry, I had to. I tend to be petty at times XD)

Plus, given the fact that the series was more about the bonds of various kinds of love, both familial and romantic rather than outright romantic, it makes total sense that Fairy Tail ended the way that it did. If you wanted Natsu to do a full on confession with flowing words, go read the tons of fanfic that are already out there or just go read a shojo manga.

(In all seriousness though, Fairy Tail is a bloody shonen. What did you guys expect from Natsu, honestly?)

First off:

First off:

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