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Welp. Never thought I'd be writing this rant in a while. But I might as get one thing out of the way: the final arc was pretty lackluster.

That doesn't mean that I hated the Alvarez arc. There were some good moments in it but compare that to the Phantom Lord and Tartarus arcs, which had way more massive stakes and close calls than what was supposed to be the epic finale. I feel like the Tartarus arc should've been the main finale because a lot of the buildup was already there. The Tartarus arc gave Lucy a ton to do rather than doing almost nothing during the entire arc and yes I acknowledge Lucy's fight with Brandish in the Alvarez arc and while I love that fight to bits, honestly I have to agree with some people who say that she has done practically nothing that didn't concern Nastu. Mashima literally could've extended the Tartarus arc right with the reveal of Zeref and Mavis's story midway and then just continue on with that in the final arc. I mean, the final one is the longest one in the series so why couldn't he have just extended the Tartarus arc? For me, the majority of the events in the final arc was not based on bad writing but rather bad timing and I think that's where fans got really pissed off. The major plots twists eventually became predictable and imo a lot of it could've been moved to the Tartarus arc. This is not me telling Mashima how to write his story but more or less a look on how things could've played out.

But more on the final arc later, what do I think of the series as a whole and how was the final chapter for me?

I might remind you, Fairy Tail was one of my first foray into mainstream manga/anime as well as my introduction to the shonen genre. Black Butler was before that but while both are pretty popular, Fairy Tail is immensely talked about (from my perspective) compared to Black Butler. Also, Clannad and Ouran High School Host are all shojo manga/anime and my first anime was a shojo as well, namely Cardcaptor Sakura, which you've heard me praise multiple times. So yeah, getting into this series also meant getting thrown into the shonen genre face first without any preparation.

And before I say anything else I should mention one thing: I may be blunt in some ways but I always like to look at the more positive aspects whenever I read and watch something. So while there are going to be some criticisms, I assure you, this entire rant won't be me shit talking Fairy Tail.

So four years later and having been exposed to a lot of the cliches that are commonly present in the shonen genre, I'll be the first to admit that the series had a definite dip in quality midway through the Grand Magic Games arc. The series (as well as the arc) was interesting at first but somewhere along the line, it became pretty predictable.

But no matter what happened during that midway point...the series still held a place in my heart. It still does. I mean, I would've stopped writing Mysterious Fates if that wasn't the case because I've incorporated Fairy Tail rather seamlessly into the Harry Potter universe (as well as the plot) to rewrite the entire thing from scratch again and honestly I don't have the brainpower as well as the time to do that. I want to finish writing the life of Subha Patel as quickly as I can manage.

So the series as a whole:


- Lucy got the character development that most females in shonen don't get. (Eh, I speak from a slightly bias POV so I would take this pro with a grain of salt)

- Interesting world and characters

- While it was predictable, it managed to maintain a light and fun tone and never got too dark for the sake of it, a trap which some manga/anime fall into

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