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Chapter 6 (Rewriting)

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Finally updated. Vote if you like. Keep in mind that I try my best and writing is not really my thing. Practice makes better :)- This is not edited. I may rewrite this in the future, considering it to be a draft.

One week later

The building was gradually filling with many students and Ryuu couldn't help but think about the date that he will be going to with Terese. The students walked in a line approaching him and he had to stop thinking about the date. It was about time to teach the students. Taking turns, they spread their legs apart and forward their feet with a kick. There would be a subordinate attempt if one of them didn't do well. Ryuu inclined his head to the door to see one of the security guards gesturing for him to follow. One of his colleagues who was next to the guard said," I will take it from here."

Ryuu smiled. "Thanks."

The light flickered a bit as he walk straight to the elevator together with the guard. He was a middle age man with dark brown hair and he was tanned. The guard turned to him and handed him a piece of paper. Then he followed him to the front desk. As they walk by, the guard said,"There's a call from your mother. She said that she couldn't connect with you on your phone because she lost the number." Ryuu frowned. He knew that Nana always write down phone numbers on a little notebook. A notebook that is probably lost. Who knows where she has it," he though, putting on his most genuine smile as he edged closer to the front desk. The guard went his separate ways and was back to his daily duties. He picked up the phone and said hello. There was arkward silence behind the receiver. Then for a minute, his mother answered. Her soft gentle voice. "Ryuu," she said breathless. "I need you home as soon as poss-" and soon after she said that he looked down at the receiver speechless. Words couldn't stop this. He had to take action.

He couldn't face the fact that his mum was in danger and she needed his aid. But if she was really in danger, wouldn't she be not talking at all? He faced his new employed associate, Brenda Oliver, an African American. "I need you to be in charge while I am gone and please tell Mr. Sasaki that I need him to cover my shifts. I have to go now." With one gesture of the head, he knew she would follow her directions.

Ryuu darted out of the building and ran to his car, driving carefully, not slow to arrive his destination. The streets were busy. A few people were selling their products in the streets and their customers smiled with happy faces. He flinched. By now he knew that he wont smile. His mum was in danger.


Terese helped her mother in the garden, after her friend was gone. The plants were gradually growing. She breathed. She became fascinated with flowers since after she saw those beautiful flowers in the Karate building , where Ryuu fought, a week ago. That's why her mother was so fond of these things. She was fond of it. But speaking of Ryuu she wondered, what date the date will be on. She drive away these thoughts.

Her mother sat down next to Terese on a small round rock that was next to her. "So how is the fighting really going?" she said, trying to do a forward punch, with her hand that possessed a glove that had dirt on it. Terese knew that her mum probably knew what was going on. She could feel it. There was some desire in her mum's eyes. Curious eyes. Instead she didn't say anything. She blushed.

She stood up and gripped her hands lightly on my shoulders. "Sweetheart, you are flushed. What's really going on? I am smarter than you think." She turned her body around so she could face me. She burst out in laughter., picking a flower deliberately to prevent this moment with her mother.

"Are you in love sweety? I overheard your conversation with Lisa last night. Don't think I didn't." Terese face was filled with shock, her small mouth opened wide. The small petal fell down on the ground and two giant ants walked on it. Terese frowned and looked at her mother in embarrassment. She could tell that her mother was looking down at it too. With her right leg, she reached out and crushed them.

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