I love you dad

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Luna's pov.

I had seen that the 'mass murderer' Sirius Black had escaped Azkaban in the daily profit about a month ago. I am a witch who attends Drumstrang Acedemy, in my fifth year, and I play on the Bulgarian International Quidditch team. I am the youngest person to play on the Quidditch team in Bulgaria in five centuries. I am seeker and my best friend, Victor Krum, is lead chaser. This year, England is holding the Quidditch World Cup and we are playing Ireland. I am told that the Ireland team is very good. I have other plans to screw them so Bulgaria wins the cup this year. I had just gotten changed into my Quidditch robes and was about to stand in my rightful spot where we take off when the captain pulled me aside.
"Nothing dangerous while playing the game this time. Get it?"
"Got it."
A month earlier, I had found my father, Sirius Black, and set him free. I don't know how I did it, but I did. I could hear the spectators roaring at the Irish team mascots which must be leperchauns. I mounted my broom ready to take off, the door opened, and I zoomed out to roars from the crowd. I spotted my dad at once. He was cheering for Bulgaria because of me. I got into position and out came the Irish team. I watched the box that I knew held the snitch and the other balls for the game. At once the box flew open, the snitch and the bludgers, zomed out abd the quaffle stayed motionless. I only saw the snitch for a split second befpre it disapeared. I owned the worlds fastest broomstick, the Firsbolt 360. The Irish team all had the regular Firebolts. The quaffle was released and the game began. I started to search frantically for the snitch with Lynch hot on my tail. After about ten minutes into the game, when Bulgaria was 550 points in the lead, I tried a seeker thing called the Wronksi Feint. I tried it and Lynch copyed thinking I had seen the snitch. The crowd gasped. I pulled out of the dive about a milimetre off the ground and flew up ten feet. I waited for Lynch to recover before I searched for.the snitch again. After a minute, the game resumed. I took off towards dad. I had seen the snitch hovering over his head. Everyone gasped thinking I wanted to harm a spectator. The snitch flew towards the Irish goal posts and a swerved after it sending a gust of air at everyone on the Bulgarian side of the feild. I caught the snitch right before the Irish team had time to score. Bulgaria won. I celebrated with my team. I had to leave though. I wanted to spend time with dad. I left and found dad in the crowd walking back towards the tents. I hugged him tightly.
"Good job. You were amazing"

"Thank you. I love you dad."

"I know that. You should play Quidditch more often. You are really good."

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