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Abandoned Take Crystal Ice factory, 1858 16th street in midtown Sacramento

November 1, 2012, 2:00pm

The last of the rain clouds drifted away from the abandoned factory as the SWAT team rapidly approached. There was no windows or camera on this side of the factory, allowing the SWAT team plenty of time to gather by the boarded up entrance. Liaison officers Roger 'Rain' Archer and Tibbs 'Wind' Malone ran with the team and positioned themselves a few feet in front of the door. The SWAT team was well-armed, each man and woman bristling with SMGs and stun grenades. Tibbs and Roger were lightly armed and only wearing bulletproof vests. And yet, they were the star of this deadly attraction.

CRAAAK! Two officers kicked down the boarded up door. Tibbs rushed in first, followed by Roger. The air inside of the factory hung with dust and mildew. They quickly activated their Total Awareness ability, giving them a clear view of everyone and everything in sight on the ground floor. They darted past the first set of metal support pylons as the Understorm terrorist cell became aware of their presence.

"It's the cops!" shouted Understorm supervillain Red Dust. He quickly put his red mask on and raised his left hand up. All the dust on the floor rose up and formed a cloud around the team gathered across the factory. Guards raised their AK74s and prepared to fight for their lives.

Wind and Rain took cover behind a busted up ice machine. The SWAT team had not yet moved in, as they waited for word from their superhuman duo. Rain shouted "SAC PD! Surrender now, or we WILL open fire!"

"You don't scare me!" shouted Red Dust as the other villains and the guards took cover behind various crap around the factory. "You can't even see us!"

Wind leaned away from the ice machine. His total awareness ability easily spotted Red Dust through his dust cloud, with an assist from Red Dust's loud mouth. He aimed and fired. purot purot purot! Three shots went through Red Dust's chest. "Yes, we can, mother fucker!!"

Rain stood up and ran towards the center of the room as the dust cleared, both energy pistols in hand. His total awareness ability showed him where the seven guards were standing and where they were about to aim. He stopped running and took a deep breath. One of the seven guards aimed for his chest. BRAT purot BRAT! He quickly sidestepped before the guard pulled the trigger and shot the guard through the forehead just as the second shot went by. BRAT BRAT purot purot! Two shots missed Rain's forehead as he ducked. At the same time, he pointed his guns behind and killed the guard hiding behind a pylon. swhisss BRAT TAT TAT purot! An instant later, he slid to the left, dodging more bullets and fired one shot, killing another guard by the loading dock. He stood up and spun away from four shots. purot purot purot! Three shots cut that guard down quickly.

dassh! While Rain was dealing with the guards at the far end of the factory floor, Wind dash-teleported every twelve feet along the edge of the factory. He spotted one guard aiming at Rain. He dashed once, put his gun to the man's forehead and killed him, then continued his dash motion along the wall. A supervillain was hiding under a table behind Rain as Wind ran past. purot purot! Wind fired twice and took out the legs of the table. crummmp! The weight of the table shoved the supervillain to the floor.

Rain finished off the remainder of the guards as Wind ran to his side. They looked around the room. Wind looked at the doorway they entered and shouted "It's clear!" The SWAT team and a P.A.T.H.R. agent ran inside and carefully checked every nook and cranny for the enemy. A moment later, the P.A.T.H.R. agent lifted the table and cuffed the unconscious supervillain. Rain and Wind stood guard and spoke to the agent.

"This is the only survivor," said Rain.

"You Darfurian types don't play around," said the female agent as she stood up. She tugged on her shirt to keep it from sliding up due to the protective vest.

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