And the Final Chapters of the book begin.

The song on the side would totally be a theme song for the book!! NOT GOING TO LIE.



John and Michael looked at each other, Michael's expression solemn. Why were they doing this? Why today? Why now?

It'd been two days since Christmas. I went home to say goodbye to aunt Lyn and for more clothes but that's it. Michael and I were going to stay together until New Years. We'd meet with my parents and celebrate the start of a New Year together. And that was the plan.

That was until Michael announced he was leaving UNTIL New Years. 

Katherine smiled sadly at me and patted my shoulder before walking out of the study.

I don't know what bought this on. Nothing has happened since before Christmas. No attack in Burnaby or Vancouver. We knew that that was odd, we all discussed that. But why now? Why so sudden?

"I don't..." I folded my hands in my lap. "I don't understand-"

"If we leave now we have the element of surprise. Katherine thinks she can see them. Plus we need to feed before we do anything." John interrupted glancing at Michael as he said this. 

I didn't like the look on his face. I didn't like the way Michael wasn't giving me the answers himself. Instead, I had to find out by opening the door and welcoming the stampede of vampires and witches while I was unaware Michael was getting dressed upstairs.

Pamela sent John a fierce look. "Can't you be sympathetic?"

He spun on her and Pam's partner, Nicholas, stepped forward. The man was wonderful and downright handsome but aren't they all? I had a chance to introduce myself and speak to him before I was told about them leaving as soon as the sun is almost down.. 

"I'm telling her the truth because it seems Michael isn't helping at all by standing there and staring at her, is he?"

"But you don't..." She sighed and walked to stand behind my chair. "Evie, why don't you come with me for a minute."

I nodded numbly and stood to follow Pamela through the house and out of the front door. We stopped at the drive, the sun was slowly going down but it was barely visible because of the blanket of fog covering the trees and the road. I ran a hand through my hair with a sigh.

"You understand why we're leaving?"

"Of course."

"Just the way Jonathan said it was-"

"It couldn't have been said any better." I shrugged. "I understand, Pam."

She sighed heavily and wrapped an arm around my shoulders. "Michael's worried."

"I can tell."

Pam frowned at me. "Evie," 

"It seems I'm the only one who wasn't aware of this plan you all had." 

Of course, I was angry. I'd been kept out of the loop and I knew there was a reason for it. 

"It's to help us all. You'll see when we get back."

"I can't wait." I spun out of her hold and walked back inside. I went to walk into the living room but I got yanked to the side by Katherine.

"Stop it, Evie."

My eyes widened and I opened my mouth to yell but she covered my mouth with her hand. 

"Alright, fine. I get that you're angry. But the quicker they get this done the better and you know that."

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