The only this worse than a player, is a player who knows..Chapter2

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ok, critics(jk) i agree that the first chapter was a bit boring. Its moreof an intro. The first chapter in my other story was super she got stepbros, stepmother, and got the problem all in a few paragraphs. So ill make this one exciting.




Idiot. Thinks i was staring at him. What a loser. I was at lunch, listening to Lauren and Jenny talk about boys. I never cared for boys cause they never cared for me.

"Jason got hotter over the summer didnt he?" Lauren asked. Jen smiled.

"Yeah, but Kyle and Ryder are better." she said. Kyle and Ryder are Jasons best friends. All of em players.

"Shhh! Here he comes! With JAKE!" Lauren squealed. Ahhh, my dear brother. I turned and saw the payer trio, my brother, and my brothers best friend, Matt.

"Hey sissie" Jake smiled, waving. I waved back and grinned.

"Hi bro." i said. Jason looked at me then smirked.

"Hey jake!"he said. Jake looked at him.


"Your sister has a crush on me." he said loudly, so everyone could hear. Jake glared at Jason, and so did i.

"Listen Jason, first of all, im sure she doesnt. She doesnt stoop that low. Second, if you think she DID, then why would you try and embarass her by saying that out loud? Cool it, and go kiss Monica or something." Jake said. I smiled and gave Jake a hug.

"Besides, if she DOES 'stoop that low', itll be for me." Kyle smiled. I rolled my eyes.

"Nope." i said.

"Yeah, itll be me." a guy named Shane (aslo part of their group) said.

"No guys. I dont like any of you." I smiled. I glanced at Ryder who was looking at me intently.

Ryder has always been a mystery. He NEVER talks. He says "yes" and "no" but never more than a word or two at a time. He does "sleep around" alot, but im told he chooses his girls carefully.

"Whatever Plain Rayne." Jason smirked. "Your right Jake, im gunna go find Monica." he said, and they all left.

After school, Noreen called out to me in the school parking lot.



"Emily's giving me a ride home! Tell Jake!" she called. I smiled and nodded. Emily is Jasons little sister.

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