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READ THIS PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!! —> when Wattpad got rid of the private feature, I had to re-upload all the chapters again as public. YOU MUST DELETE AND READD THE BOOK TO YOUR LIBRARY FOR THE CHAPTERS TO BE IN THE CORRECT ORDER!!

Hi there everyone!

For a good period of time all of my works were private because at a point in time (July 24th 2017) I had been plagiarized by the SAME PERSON for the THIRD TIME. Yes, it was the third time within a  month or so. So, because it seemed I had no other option to protect my own original work but to make my works private so that the person stealing them cannot view them any longer after I mute them, that's what I did.

With that being said, Wattpad has so wonderfully removed the private feature and left all us writers upstream without a paddle. Oh well, what are we - the people who make it possible for wattpad to fill their wallets - going to do about it?

Whatever. As I begin the process of editing all my works to self-publish in the near future, all my works will be here in full and public. I WILL NOTIFY YOU ALL WHEN THEY WILL BE AVAILABLE ELSEWHERE!

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