chapter 1

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Luke's bedroom

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Luke's pov

I  open my eyes when I hear my phone going off for school I turn the alarm off  I grab my glasses from the bedside table.  When I go to get up I feel the pain of my ribs then I remember what happened yesterday as I  was walking home from school.  I walk to my bathroom and I stand in front of my mirror what is looking back at me I do not like I don't like how I look at all.  I have brain heir with blue eyes I'm a nerd.  I get all A's and  I'm the top of my class and what doesn't help is that I'm also gay to.  Because of those reasons I get bullied I have no friends because of these bullies.  No one really talks to me but one poison my boyfriend but also he is known as my bully his name is Oliver he bullies me at school.

And when we are together not at school if I do anything wrong he beats me for it.  I love him but I do not think I can do this anymore he tells me that "I can't leave him that he loves me."  But if I tell anyone that he is my boyfriend if I did that he will beat me close to death.  I keep looking at my self in the mirror I think to my self the black and blue muck on my face is going away.  I stop looking at my self I take my clothes off and I jump into the shower.  I look at my body it is so black and blue all over Oliver needs to stop getting so mad at me.   I get out of the shower and dry my self off it hurts all of these bruises.  I look at my body one more time in the mirror I wishing that the bruises would go away then I put my clothes on I walk out of my room.

I go down the stairs into my kitchen where I see my mom cooking ." Hey, mom" I say " Oh hey Luke do you want some."  I look at what she is making and I say "No thanks I'm just going to go to school " " Ok bye."  She said not  looking at me sometimes I wish my mom can see my bruises and I wish that she could  help me but it is  like what  Oliver says "no one can help you litter shit."

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