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I wont be updating for about 2-4 months. Not many people know about my story but i'm gonna keep writing anyway.

I'm making some changes:

So i've decided to make some changes in the plot because i honestly had no idea what to do with this book at the beginning.

I will be writing this book for a while and the reason for the long break is so i can write longer chapters and update faster. Also because i need to find out more information that i can use from Peter Pan and merge it into Wendy.

I will be introducing alot more characters such as

Captain hook (but no he will not be an old pedo he'll be the same age as Peter just more Evil. His name is Harris

Peter's younger brother

Tinker bell (again same age as peter and wendy)

Oh and Peter's mom.

So please. Whoever is reading this out there, even if you hate the book please keep on reading i promise it will get better.


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