New Channel?

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Author's starting note: So I was just in the middle of writing this chapter and then I pressed a button and then it made me delete the WHOLE thing!!! So I am doing it again. I am writing on my laptop so I hope you like it! Now enjoy this chapter! :)

Hydra's POV

It is a weekend today so I am just chilling with Elle,Austin,And Catherine. Catherine went and got us Jumba Juice earlier. So we are just watching TV and playing games and on social media, following back people & messaging people back....Also we were doing the caterpillar thing with Elle. If you don't know what that is,it is when Elle climbs on a toy caterpillar and it is a large one. She either climbs on the back or the front and then Austin drags her around. But don't worry he does be careful. Suddenly out of nowhere Austin asked "Hydra, have you ever considered to make a YouTube channel?" Then I said "No...Why?" Then Austin said "Well because a lot of people in the comments have said they wanted you to have a one." Then I said "Well I thought we have a channel together....The ACE Family channel?" Then Austin said "They said they wanted you to do gaming and all that stuff" Then I said "Oh...Well I think I am pretty boring" Then Austin said "I was just asking you..." Then I said "Oh sorry I didn't mean it that way.." Then Austin said "OH I was kidding about that part. But the ACE Family really wants you to make one." Then Catherine said "Don't push her Austin...She doesn't have to if she doesn't want to." Then I said "Oh no it is fine! I guess it wouldn't hurt." Then Catherine said "Are you sure?" Then I said "Yes....I think so" Then Austin said "But if you don't want to then you don't have to"

Then I said "Its fine I can..." Then Austin said "You don't have to if you don't want to" Then I said "No it's fine..." "Okay then I will start setting up stuff." Then I said "Okay" While I was waiting I was playing with Elle. Then Catherine said "You are so brave to do this" Then I said "I don't know....You guys would help me edit right?" Then she said "Of course!" Then I said "Thanks!" Then Austin said "Hydra I am done getting ready!"

Then I said "Okay!" So I walked up there and then sat in the chair I was doing a Q&A for my first video. I am kinda scared because of the kids in school. They would probably see my YouTube channel! It would be so embarrassing! And being by myself on camera! I never done that before! I am probably going to freeze up because of nervousness. But I hope once Austin starts recording I will be more confident. "Okay so now we are rolling!" Said Austin.

A few hours later

"Wow Hydra you did great up there!" Said Austin. "Wow you really think so?" "Yes" said Austin. Catherine went up and gave me a hug. "Thank you Austin for telling me to make a YouTube channel it was a good decision but most of the time I didn't freeze up is because I was looking at you and Catherine and Elle" Then Catherine said "Good job Hydra!"

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