He really wants you

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Yo guys so there's no more requests jsyk (just so you know)

"I don't think I have ever been this bored in my entire life." I said throwing my head back." Yo man how's it goin?" My bud came in Dakari (idk I think it's was his birthday? one of his friends maybe???)

I held my hand out as we did one of our "manly hand shakes" as y/n calls it. Haha she's fuckin awesome. She even made our own handshake which is a little weird, but at least I get to touch her hand.

Yes I may or may not be slightly obsessed with her by you can't judge me she's gorgeous. Those pretty (h/c) locks that she brushes behind her ears, and those beautiful (e/c) eyes that sparkle in the sunlight.

Uhhhh I need to stop. Now." Bro you should go talk to y/n she was asking about chu all day. Damn it got a little annoying after she asked what you were up to today the tenth time. Fuck I hadda tell her that you got a girl."

I stood up faster than I heard my song on the radio for the first time." What? Why the hell did you tell her that?! Now she thinks I have a girl? Fuck you! Y/n's gonna get a fuckin boyfriend now cause of you."

I ran out of the hotel room and drove straight to her hotel which was only two blocks from mine. I quickly knocked on her hotel room door, my breathing was heavy from all the running I did.

The door opened to not y/n but another dude with black hair and blue eyes. He was like 5'9 or something but he was definitely shorter than me." Who da fuck are chu? I don't remember callin no room service or shit."

"Babe who's at the door?" "Some guy you know who dis is?" The door opened wider to the most beautiful girl in the world." G." Is all she said, her (e/c) eyes shifting to the ground." Y/n/n." I said back." Who is this?" I asked.

"He's my boyfriend Marcus, Marcus meet Gerald, Gerald me-" "I know hi there Marcus." I spat out not trying to be mean to y/n but to....him." Nice to meet you, Gerald." He mimicked.

I growled in the inside," Well I'll see you later y/n I gotta go make plans." "Oh with your new girlfriend? Maybe we could have a double date. Right Marcus?" He nodded," Sounds great." His voice sounded annoyed.

"Yeah sure lets..." I cleared my throat," do that." I nodded before walking.




What now?!!!?

I have no girlfriend!








Wait a second. I have girl friends! One of them will just pretend to be mine for a night. Fuck yes I'm a genius!

To be continued...

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