Chapter Seven:

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Ruka (1)

There were four rhinos. Each one had two navy soldiers on the back of them, I was sitting behind Zuko on his.

As we reached the town, it was completely empty.

"Come out avatar!" Zuko yelled. "You can't hide from me forever!"

I saw little heads peak out from stands then hid themselves again. I frowned, this isn't going to end well.

"Find him." Zuko ordered. The three rhinos went forward and the soldiers did as told. I heard something that sounded like a sword coming out of its sheath.

I looked to my sides but didn't see anything. Zuko looked over his shoulder, "what are you trying to find?"

"Nothing." I shook my head. Seconds later, we see woman warriors attacking the fire benders that were ahead of us. They were wearing the same outfit and face paint like the statue I just saw moments ago. They were holding golden fans that looked quite sharp.

One of the warriors was running to us, getting ready to fight. Zuko blew out flames but she dodged both of them. She jumped up and before she can get to Zuko, he pulled the reigns of the rhino and the tail whipped the girl and she flew to the floor.

Zuko threw out a flame to her and I widened my eyes, "No!"

Then, I see a familiar someone block the flame from hitting her with their fan. Them too were in the same warrior outfit and face paint. I narrowed my eyes to them and I grinned, "Sokka!"

"Ruka!" He smiled. I stood up from the rhino then jumped, doing a black flip and landing on my two feet. "It was nice knowing you." I ran over to Sokka and the warrior who was still on the floor.

Zuko was forced off the rhino by one of the warriors grabbing him behind. "Ruka, go find Katara and stay safe." Sokka ordered me as the warrior ran over to Zuko.

"What? No, i'm not leaving you." I shook my head.

"This time I'm not the one asking you. I'm not losing you to him again." Sokka said. "Now go!"

I nodded, running down the village and looking for Katara.

I found her leading some kids into a house. "Katara!"

She turned around and smiled, "Ruka!" We pulled each other in a tight hug. Seconds later, Aang came down from his glider.

"Aang!" I smiled, giving him a quick hug and he did the same.

"Look what I brought to this place." Aang said.

"It's not your fault." Katara reassured. I shook my head, "it kind of is. What the heck are you guys doing here anyway?! They had no idea where you were!"

Aang frowned. "These people got their town destroyed trying to protect me."

"Then let's get out of here. Zuko will leave Kyoshi to follow us. I know it feels wrong to run, but I think it's the only way." Katara suggested. I nodded, agreeing. "He's crazy Aang."

"I'll call Appa." Aang closed his eyes in sadness. Aang did as he said and a minute later, Appa came flying down to us. Katara and I got on the saddle while Aang was holding the reigns. Sokka came running up the tail and sitting next to me.

"Appa, yip- yip!" Aang yelled. Appa roared and soon we were in the sky. I went to the edge of the saddle and looked down, "This is so cool!"

I felt a hand grab my shoulder, turning me around and pulling me into a tight hug. I realized it was Sokka and I smiled, hugging him back.

We looked back to the town and half of it was in flames.

Katara went over to Aang, "I know it's hard but you did the right thing. Zuko would've destroyed the whole place if we stayed. They're gonna be okay Aang."

I snickered as I watched Sokka take off his face paint with his sleeve.

"What are you doing?!" Katara yelled. I looked over and saw that Aang jumped off of Appa. We watched from the edge of the saddle as Aang landed in the water, "Is he suicidal now?!" I looked to them.

Seconds later, Aang came up from the water, holding onto reign like things from the unagi. "Yup, definitely suicidal." I nodded.

He pulled on them and the unagi opened his mouth. Out sprayed water to the town, making the flames go out. Aang jumped up and Appa caught him.

"I know, I know. That was stupid and dangerous." Aang said as he climbed onto the saddle. "Yes, it was." Katara said before going to Aang and hugging him.

I looked to Sokka, "so, what'd I miss?"


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