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Star Pov
I felt like I was floating away until I saw a bright light and I woke up breathing heavily and taking in my surroundings. I was in my old room, my hair was a mess and I was sweating like a pig. I felt disgusting and really out of place, like did I die and come back?

Or did someone save my life? I looked around my room and saw a chair beside my bed and knew someone was here and they recently left. I moved the covers off and I let my feet touch the cold stone floors as I made my way towards the bath. I seriously needed a bath and time to think about everything and where the heck did I go?

I removed my night gown and walked towards my tub and relax in the lukewarm water and clear my head. Now that I think of it, I haven't seen Marco since I left. The look of fear on his face broke my heart but I tried to stay up and awake but I couldn't.

He must be worried about me? Even my parents are worried about me, cause their only child died almost. As I dressed up in my old dress which was weird I headed down towards the throne room as I walked in I see no one is there and I sigh as I looked around.

It seems cold and dark since the last time I've seen it "Your highness!" I turn and see my cousin Luna "Hey?" I wave a bit as she wrapped me in a crushing hug "Star! Oh my Mewni you're okay! I thought you died!" I pushed away as I gave her an odd look

"I died?" "Well kinda? Your mom said a spell to bring you back, uh you okay?" I wiped my eyes as I looked at her "Is my mother okay?" "Yes she's fine just a bit tired" I nodded and sigh in relief that she's okay "Marco? Is he here?" She nods "Follow me" I nod and follow quickly as I see him sitting at a fountain with his back towards us

"I'll take it from here" she nods and leaves and I walk towards him feeling my heart race as I reached out to touch him but he spoke "She trusted me and this what I get. She's dying and I can't do anything for my princess. I wanted to hug her and kiss her one last time but she would push me away because I'm a jerk"

I smirked as he sighs before I spoke "You know, I still think you're a jerk but you're my jerk" he gasps as he turns and sees me and embraced me making us call into the fountain causing us to get wet "You're okay! Oh my god! Princess you're okay"

he held my face as I smiled fondly at him as he kissed me as i returned it. As he pulled away he chuckles and helps me out of the fountain as my hair is dropping over my face as our clothes drip in water "Sorry Star I was excited "It's quite alright, it happens" we chuckled as I hugged him tightly as he held back

"I thought I lost you for good" I buried my head and shook my head "I ain't going anywhere jerk face" he chuckles "Alright princess, how are you feeling?" "Uh alive? Apparently I died and came back to life so that's new and different" "So you're half here?" "Sorta? But I feel okay but a bit weak if that makes sense"

he nods as he kept caressing my face "I'm so happy you're here and alive and with me" he held my face in his hands as I smiled brightly "God I missed you Princess" I giggled "I missed you my bad boy" we kissed again as I wrapped around his neck as his hands were around my waist

"Oh..uh am I interrupting something?" "No, what is it Alex?" "It's your mother Princess she's not doing so well" my face fell as I ran towards her room. As i get there her hair is loose as it spread across her pillow as her skin was white as snow and her arms were dark purple "Mommy?"

I ran towards her as I grabbed her hand "Darling, you're up" she smiles weakly as I held tears in my own "What's going on?" "I switched spots with you.." she said breathing slowly as my dad was beside her caressing her face "Moonpie" she smiles at him "Mommy? Why did you?"

"I just wanted you to be the perfect little princess I wanted you to be but you were never that" she pauses as her breathing is shallow "You were like me, you were so much like me and I'm proud of you and I didn't want to lose you Star, you are going to rule Mewni when I pass"

"But you're not going to die! I can ask glossaryk for a spell to help you stay alive! Mommy please" I held her hand as she looked at me "I'm sorry darling. I love you so much and you'll do just fine" she wiped away the tears as I looked at delicate body as she looked at father one last time "Goodbye my love"

"Goodbye Dear, I'll always love you" he kissed her head as her eyes shut close and her color was gone. She looked gray and gone "Mommy? Mommy?! No! No! I need you! I still need your guidance! I still not good with my wand! Please mommy! I need you.."

I was crying on her lifeless body as Marco held my shoulders "No!!!!" I screamed as I held on her as I buried my head on her chest as breathed heavily and couldn't control it "Star come on"

"She's gone Marco..she's gone" I ran into his arms and cried as he held on me. This has to be my breaking point and I will rule Mewni in my mother's honor no matter how hard it's going to be.

A/n Hey guys so I updated this book which feels like months since I have. Sorry it's sad cause Idk I feel like it should have also this takes a week later when star wakes up so this is why moon was feeling weak and fragile and ended up dead. Sorry just rolling with the story..anyways hope you enjoy it and I'll try to be consistent with this

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