twelve - bonus chapter

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•the surprise•

Hey! It's Millie, back again for the final chapter in my crazy story!

Basically, Finn and I were on good terms after that. We fixed everything and I had never been happier.

Well, that was until Finn snapped out of the blue saying "i have an oddish question". Looking back on it now, I'm laughing at how confused I got.

Nevertheless, that one question sparked a whole summer of communication.
No joke, we talked every single day, all day, and late into the night. For a few nights we stayed up until 2 am!!

I was the happiest I had ever been romantically. We talked through vacations and road trips and summer camps and jobs, the conversation never ended.

One night, after I had heard some things from Chloe, I got him to confess. He liked me back! And he had for a while! I flipped the heck out (quietly though as it was 2am). It was a fairytale dream come true.

Once school started, we had a problem, where were we and would we stay the same? The answers were unclear. Finn started becoming distant and because of that, so did I. It seemed like my fairytale summer was coming to an end.

I was devastated. The first guy I ever truly liked, falling out of my grasp one day at a time.

By now, it's October. Twelve days away from season two of my favorite show. We had had our ups and downs, currently as I'm telling this story I'd like to think we're at an up. I've heard rumors about what Finn thinks of me. He likes me. He doesn't like me anymore. He's losing interest because he thinks I'm losing interest. It's the typical high school drama.

Hopefully everything works out for the better. All in all, I could not have had a better summer. And when I look back on it all, no matter how things work out, at least I wasn't too awkward!

oof. that was cheesy as frick im so sorry lmao. again thank you so much for staying with this story, even when i didn't update for moths at a time. i really truly appreciate you all so much. i think i might stick to short stories, that way no one has to worry about updates and the story will just be done (also bc i have an idea in mind) be on the lookout for that soon :) if you want to catch up with me when i freak out about season two, follow me on insta @/spookyspamss_ (or if you see this after halloween @/strangerspamss_) i love you guys so much, have an awesome day/night/morning/afternoon/evening!! 💜

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