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Fifteen years later. . .

"You may now kiss the bride."
I lean forward and kiss Paige on the lips. White confetti is thrown into the air. We hold our hands up in the air and run down the aisle to the dance floor as everyone throws rose petals into the air. Mother, father, Maeve, Sean, Finn, Kieran, and Fiona join us on the dance floor and we party the night away, our smiles never leaving our faces.
We crack open a bottle of champagne. Paige throws her bouquet. People pass out vanilla cake with colorful icing.
Little Fiona is nineteen now. Maeve is engaged. It's funny how the time can fly by. Mother has long since quit her job and I now get paid to go on talk shows, always with Paige by my side. Jeff puts us in front of cameras every year to weigh in on the year's contestants.
I can hardly remember the days when my parents had trouble paying for food. Now I can't ask for a better life.

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