Chapter 9

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For lunch I eat my other orange and drink some water. It's not enough though. My stomach grumbles and grumbles, begging for more food. And not just fruit. I take another swig of water and, with my hat on my head, take off in search of food.
I am weary of the monsters that may be lurking or hiding behind any tree or bush. After a while I find a tarp rolled up and with a rope tied around it. I pick it up and trudge back to the tarp. The only food I have left is the apple Paige gave me but I want to save that just in case I can't get any other food.
On my second trip I searched all over the place but, once again, come back empty handed. While I am out there I relieve the announcement that William is out. Just six left. But I'm probably going to be the next to go because I can't find any food. When I return to the mat with twenty minutes to spare, I sit down and munch on the apple, my last source of food. After this I am completely out of food. I try to take a nap to refuel my energy so I can go further into the woods next time but I can't fall asleep.
During the third time I go out into the woods today, hunger really bites at my stomach; Nevertheless, I venture further into the woods, even more eager to find food. I keep telling myself that I won't go back if I don't have food.
I search and I search, traveling at least two miles into the woods this time. Eventually I realize that there is no food to find. There's just nothing. I turn around and run back to my mat in a fury and make it with six minutes to spare. I eat anything I have left.
"Paige. . ." I say, lying on my back.
"Yep?" She responds.
"Do you have any food?"
She pauses for a few seconds before responding, "Nothing."
"Aww" I whine.
Next I just lay on my mat staring at the sun, thinking and mulling over my choices. I'm pretty proud of myself right now, but is this worth it? I don't have to go through this pain. I barely close my eyes when Jeff Stinking Rodgers gets on the microphone again.
"Well good afternoon and congratulations final six! For the audience, we will recap the remaining runners: 51, Melissa Green, 6, Blaze Farrell, 87, Franklin Reilly, 38, Justin Tillerman, 103, Paige Harper, and 104, Connor Reid!
"Well." he talks to the camera, "We all know there is a new twist with each season of The Run, right? Well get ready. . . because this game is about to change!"

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