I Believe I Can Fly, Without Being Struck By Lightining

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Harry PoV

Right now it was a free period, well for me, Ron, and Hermione. Since Percy was new to the wizarding world, he had to take Madame Hooch's flying class. Besides that, our schedule was the same. I watched as Percy opened his mouth to protest, when Madame Hooch told everyone to say 'up'.

"But-" Percy whined, but Madame Hooch silenced him.

"Mr. Jackson, just try your best. Not everyone gets it the first time. You are here to learn, like the rest of these students. Just command it, like you would command a person." Percy groaned but nonetheless stuck out his hand.

"Up." He looked uncomfortable, but his voice was firm and commanding. I couldn't help but think it was a voice he used often, and not for flying brooms. It was a voice I wanted to follow and it unnerved me that he could attain such a voice at his age. The broom flew up to his hand in an instant, a resounding smack that made me jump. Percy yanked his hand away from the broom in surprise, but it remained hovering in the air. Madame Hooch's face was impressively controlled, merely the raise of an eyebrow to indicate any surprise.

"Mr. Jackson, if you would board your broom."

"Professor, I really don't think that's a good idea." Hooch stared at him unimpressed and Percy reluctantly grabbed hold of the broom. He examined it warily, probably wondering if it would support his weight. Carefully, he slung one leg over the broom and shifted so that he was sitting on it properly. "Now, if you would tilt your broom upwards to rise up into the sky." She instructed. Percy did as told and easily rose up, higher and higher. A small smile twitched at the corner of Madame Hooch's face and I couldn't help but hold my breath in anticipation. "I would like you to fly three laps around the playing field as fast as you can. To make the broom go forward, lean forward. To slow down or stop, lean back." Madame Hooch pulled out a stop watch.

At the 'now' Percy shot forward. At first, he wobbled dangerously on the broom, his hands clenched tightly around the handle and his body huddled closely to the broom. Once he'd gained his balance, he straightened and started going a little faster. Soon, he was racing around the field, going faster than anyone should be able to their first time on a broom. He zipped around the quidditch pitch, his shirt billowing around him. How could he go so fast? No one had ever gone that fast on a regular broom their first time, not even me. I questioned if this was his first time flying; the broom smacked into his hand on the first try, and now he was flying impressively for his lack of experience. My neck was getting tired from craning it up, and so when Percy finished his three laps and stopped, I sighed in relief.

"Six minutes and twenty-three seconds!" My eyes widened. "You can come down now, Jackson." As Percy began to descend, a figure appeared mid-sky and rammed into him. It was a boy with blond hair, holding a broom shaped satchel. There was a shout from the both of them as Percy was knocked off of his broom and they started free falling. Percy's face was paper white and his eyes were panicked until the boy grabbed hold of him.

"... out!... why do... die..." I could only hear the boy's words in snatches, but I was less concerned about what he was saying and more the fact that they were falling to their deaths. My heart was thumping in my chest and I spun around in a panic to look at Madame Hooch. Her wand was drawn and so I turned to see Percy and the strange boy. They fell further and further, faster and faster, yet they weren't panicking. Instead, they seemed to be talking.

"Jason... me... what... in trouble at...?" Percy spoke, the wind muffling most of his words.

"Heph... fancy broom.... Messenger... were in the sky... sick... safe... dead somewhere...." Hermione's hand latched onto my arm, he nails digging into my flesh painfully, but I barely noticed. All I could see was them falling, me helpless to do anything about it.

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