six ; the girl who forgot

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vi. the girl who forgot

━ ❝ nothing can break true love ❞

━ ❝ nothing can break true love ❞

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IT WAS THE third outsider they had in such a short amount of time. Greg, Tamara, and now this girl who couldn't have been more than eighteen or nineteen years old. With Regina missing, Belle becoming Lacy, and two other outsiders in town, StoryBrooke was a wreck. Emma wasn't even sure that that was a good enough word for it. She was so desperate to prove that Tamara was responsible for Regina's disappearance, to prove that Neal's fiancee was not who she said she was. Everything was in shambles.

Then there was the matter of the girl who had arrived hours prior. Emma was busy, running in and out of the hospital to check up on here and then leaving to go find Regina or take care of other things. But this girl - whoever she was - appeared at the town line, out of nowhere, unconscious, bloody, and bruised. From her journey previous, Emma took note that the girl's clothes belonged to those from the Enchanted Forst. So that ruled out the "outsider" issue. Sort of.

Nothing pointed as to who she was or how she got there. All Emma could do was wait, gnawing at her nails just waiting for the girl to wake up. Then the fun part came: the interrogation. She'd have to go easy on her because, well, the brunette was bloody and bruised which clearly meant that whatever happened to her wasn't good. Doctor Whale hadn't called her back to tell her about the girl's condition so it probably wasn't major. Right?

Getting sick of waiting, Emma dropped what she was doing and went back to the hospital. Maybe because she was only a young girl, but Emma felt a sense of motherly protection over her. What if this girl didn't have a family? What if she didn't have a home? StoryBrooke was not a good place to be with everything happening. What would this girl bring?

Henry joined her this time, bouncing with excitement. Evidently, he assumed that since the girl was from the Enchanted Forest, she was a fairytale character. He wanted to know what fairytale she was from. Dr. Whale walked out into the waiting room where the two of them were. "The girl is in stable condition. She is now awake but she is suffering from memory loss. I wouldn't push her."

"Stay here kid," Emma told her son, patting his shoulder.

Her boots hit the ground with taps, her gun weighing heavy in her pocket. Oh how she prayed she wouldn't have to use it on a child. The door was right in front of her face yet she hesitated. She just had that feeling that this girl - whoever she was - was more important than led on. But why?

After gaining up some courage, Emma knocked twice. She waited for a few seconds before hearing a faint "Come in". It sounded so proper like she had said it a million times before. Perhaps she had. But then that meant the girl was somehow tied to royalty.

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