Black Swan (Part I)

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Prolougue of some sort?

In the medieval, violent times of the kingdom of Eternalia, there was an infamous outlaw that went by the name of Blackswan. He would steal from the rich Councillors and the noble court, and give to the Talentless and poor. Nobody had ever seen his full face, only glimpses, but knew his band of merry men followed him in his wake and that they lived in the forests of Exile. The good head Councillor had left to adress the issues of a stirring war, and had left his brother, Emery in charge of the Council in his leave. Emery was greedy and only wanted the notorious Blackswan and his band to be caught. The son of the good head Councillor, Prince Fitz, hated Emery's rule and waited for his father to return, or for the mysterious stranger Blackswan to overthrow Emery's rule. It was dark times all over as taxes were raised and the jails filled up.


I ran through the welcoming woods, jumping over a creek as one of my merry men raised the water so the Sheriff, Fintan, couldn't follow us. I channeled power to my legs, letting the scenery blur. I slowed down as I saw the flickering light of a forcefield and smiled as it let me through. I saw Linh walk through, a bit pale, but grinning ear to ear. "We did it Black!"

I let out a chuckle and held up a bag of coins. "Indeed we did sister Linh!" Everyone cheered and I walked further into camp. Edaline came out from a small hut that grew out of a tree. 

She hugged me and frowned when she saw that I still had the black hood of my cloak still obscuring my face. She pulled it down, letting my long blonde hair tumble out. "Why do you always have to hide your face sweetie?" She fussed.

I smiled. "It keeps the mystery alive. In honor of Forkle." Edaline gave me a sad smile and nodded her head. My brown eyes scanned over the camp, checking my surrondings, before I went to a large tent that was camouflaged into the greenery, further hidden by technology.

On the table, pinned down, were wanted posters for me and my men. I sat at the head of the table and cleared my throat. Dex's face brightened when he saw me. His strawberry blonde hair was messy and darkened by soot. He had a pair of steampunk-looking goggles resting on top of his head. His face was dirty and grimy, but his periwinkle eyes still sparkled with a mischievous glint. He was standing up at the opposite end of the table, a wrench in one hand. He twirled the wrench over his hand, the heavy gloves not affecting him. He had on a gray tunic with the sleeves torn off, showing off his toned arms from hours of working in a forge. Baggy black pants were tucked into combat boots, and were held up by a toolbelt. He hulked over everyone and was given the misleading nickname Little Dex. 

(A/N: I have a really huge imagination, and we need art for this XD scrawny little Dex all grown up. Seriously we need this. (I made this but my art didn't do this justice) Okay continue reading, below is my cringy art, I was too lazy to use my digital art stuff, if you like it maybe I could do that.... Idk.... Just read. Extra note: I'm sorry Dexie, I totally murdered you ;-; I literally started to attempt cartooning seriously like a month ago. P.S. I dont even know what the heck I did on the right arm... I wanted the muscle to be big and for the elbow to be there... And somehow got this? Also... ;-; I can't take those fingers... UGH.)


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