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Chapter 1

Stella POV's

"Hey Stella Boo!" Bella said while hugging me.

"Hey Bella Bear!" chuckles back, opening my locker

"So there's a party going tonight at Diana's, do you wanna go?" She asked while leaning to someone's locker.

"You know I can't..." I replied back with a frown while closing my locker.

Ever since Alex and I officially dated, he always wanted me to go home early and he started to become more protective.

Well, it started when we we're at some friend's party and some drunk guys where actually trying to flirt with me and kiss me everywhere. They where at least 4 guys I think.

I couldn't move and urged to fight back because if I did, they'll hurt me and actually force me to do everything they want.

Oh, did I mentioned they had guns and daggers? Well if not, they have. So I don't have the courage to fight or run away. Alex was nowhere to be found, so I don't think I could have my knight in shining armor at the moment. As they started on grinding on me, I started to shiver in fear and loosing hope. I tried to scream but a guy covered my mouth with his stinky-smelled beer hand behind me.

"Princess, you don't want us to hurt you now. Do we? " He said while smirking.

I shoved my head right away. A tear rolled down to my cheeck as they kept on grinding and kissing my neck, jawline, and my collarbone. I feel so disgusted and hopeless as they lick and kissing it again and again...

God!!! Sstopp!! Pplease!! Sweet of Oompa Loompa!! Please someone....hhhelp mmeee....


"Get away from her..." A familiar voice said. I suddenly recognized Alex's voice. Then suddenly, they stopped licking and kissing my body as they laugh.

"Why? What will you do? Bite us?" As the guy said, the one that's covering my mouth behind.

"No.." Alex said from the shallow light.

After that, he became to be more protective the way I wear at school or mall or everywhere and also no guy EVER talk to me or even LOOK at me. They where really afraid of Alex.

And even when it comes to me and my bestfriend, Bella will hang out somewhere or shopping at the mall I must HAVE HIS PERMISSION FIRST. Sadly, Bella and I rarely hang out and go shopping because of that.

"'s alright, maybe next time." She said a little dissapointed but she covered it with a re-assured smile. I knew she was lying. But I didn't push it, instead I hooked my arm to my bestfriend's arm.

"Come on, we'll be late for our last period." I said giving her a smile. She smiled back.

As our history teacher, Professor Reddolf was discussing about 90's and stuffs I was getting bored and sleepy.

I checked my black wrist watch I groaned in silent, we still have few minutes left. As Professor Reddolf let us watched about the time where apes do and man caves ussually do, I started to doodle at the back of my notebook instead. As the Professor paused the video the bell rang. I hurriedly took Bella's wrist outside shocked.

"Slow down birdy..." Bella said smirked.

"Well, sorry I was just really bored and you know me I don't really like history class. I mean what's the point of learning history? When we already learned it since ages." Pouting while she just gave me a apologetic look.

"Well sorry babe even I feel you, we can't do something to remove history in our class." She smirked then pinched my right cheeck hard. I yelped.

"What was that for???" I ask while rubbing my cheeck.

"Well that is for making me hurry packing my things in history because you where just bored and wanted to go outside to breathe normal again." She catched her breath again after saying it in just one breath.

I rolled my eyes. "Oh come on, Bella you know me...I seriously can't understand history." While leaning to her shoulder.

"Okay, okay you're lucky you're my bestfriend Stella. " She said while hooking my arm into her while walking out into the gate.

"Even if I did something wrong, you can't stay mad at me babe. " I said while winking.

"Uh huh, and who said that to you?" She asked amused.

"Me!" chuckles. "Because you love me."

"Awwwhh..." she said while we laugh out.


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