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Cassandra was an intelligent, small and peculiar girl. She was the only child with dark hair in a family of flaxen haired people. She wasn't the youngest quite yet. She still had the twins who were only a year younger. She had quite a large family.

The Wilson's were quite the spectacle on holidays with all nine of them packed together in one house. Mr. Wilson was a tall, thin man with silver dotting his light hair. He was gone most of the time, being a doctor was taxing. Mrs. Wilson was a petite, graceful woman with many light freckles dotting her body and honey blonde hair. She worked at home with documents and had many phone conferences. Mr. & Mrs. Wilson were happy, thank you very much. They had many children, of whom they were all very proud.

He oldest, Marius, had graduated and he worked with a newspaper, but Cassandra never got to see the newspaper. The oldest still in the house were Edward, he was in his last year, then Peter and Arthur the twins; both left for the fancy boarding school. Next was Cassandra herself, and the two younger twins Felina and Clara. Cassandra was ten years old; she also had dark brown hair while her family all had varying ranges of light hair. Even though she looked different she was so obviously a Wilson, with her lanky limbs and boundless energy.

Her older siblings left to go to a school far away, and that was all she knew while she was stuck in a boring public school. She liked books, school and history and daydreamed too much for her own good. When she was in an emotional state weird things started to happen, light bulbs would pop and electricity would dance around the person she was upset at. Funnily they'd zap the twats in the behind, but Cassandra didn't care much of that. When her family came home for the holidays nothing seemed quite normal. It was all frenzied and chaotic and Cassandra loved the fun magic tricks they learned in school. Little did she know her parents were waiting for a letter to come once she turned eleven.


In a small town in England a woman by the name Luna Dolton was on her way home when she was pulled into an ally by an invisible force. An iron hand gripped her arm and suddenly it disappeared, along with her. She reappeared in a foggy moor and she was jerked off her feet once again. Creatures sprang from the fog and fell on top of her; she started screaming and crying for help as she squirmed and tried to wrench herself away. Teeth closed on her limbs and pinned her to the ground. A figure melted from the shadows, a long dark black cloak covering their face. The person eerily resembled a dementor and Luna had a sinking feeling that they had the same cruel intentions of one.

"Please" she begged even if she knew it was in vain. "Don't hurt me, I did nothing wrong," she sobbed. 

The ghastly figure laughed heartlessly.  A hand raised from the sleeve of its robes and a smokey ball of a burnt blackened color burst from it and Luna Dolton's screams for mercy reached an inhumane pitch. Desperation and unmistakable fear laced her screams. The other figures that were with this mysterious torturer stood back and watched behind masks and hoods that shadowed their faces. When the screams of Luna Dolton ceased the figure lifted their wand breaking the spell. The black glowing fog returned to the tip of their wand and their hand withdrew into their robes. The creatures released the victim unharmed by the spell and who once was Luna Dolton rose to her feet.

Standing before them was a woman she looked like Luna but when she looked up through heavy eyelids. A maniacal smile wound on her lips as she took in her surroundings. Then she turned to face the figure and the biggest difference was made clear. The figure rose their hand in some form of command and the people around the figure rose their hands to pull their hoods back from their faces and with waves of their wands the masks evaporated.

"Welcome back, are you ready Mors Nutricii, to become a Messorem?" they all chanted in unison.

"What took you so long? I thought you'd never ask. I am forever in your service, master." She spoke in a sugary alarming voice; it wasn't hers.

A figure stepped forward with a sinister smile. "Welcome back Bella," they said. 

Luna faced the figure and they lowered their hood. She giggled maniacally; her eyes were no longer her own, Luna Dolton was gone. Her body was the same, but her mind was not she was now Bellatrix Lestrange. She was once dead, her body was gone but her mind had been captured and kept safe throughout these past years.

"Glad to be back." Bellatrix grinned and her crazed gaze didn't leave her new master.

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