Breakfast & a setup

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The night ends at 2:45 am, we leave the club and begin walking to the car.  I realize I analyzed the night versus actually partaking in all the activities. I wish I was like Tee and had the courage or confidence to flourish and take in all the night had to offer. I wish I was out there on the dance floor with two gorgeous women and maybe ended up taking one of them home.  Have I missed out on something? I was never the club type because most of the time I was invited to straight clubs.  I would drink and stand there awkwardly as my straight female friends would plot out the night.  Watching them dance among themselves until some horny nigga crept behind them or watching them dance among these niggas wasn't as entertaining.  I wasn't missing anything with that.  This lesbian club experience was new and I'm 25. There were so many gorgeous women who were free and just living.  I'm with my girl though these thoughts are disrespectful.  Marley seems to have had a good time.   I hold her close to me as she drunkenly makes her way to my car.

"Aye yo...y'all wanna go out to eat?" I hear Tee calling out from behind me.

I turn around and see her slowly jogging trying to catch up to us before we walk two more blocks to my car. 

"You want to go to IHOP? It's right up the street from here or so I'm told.  We need to catch up!  Plus you've been drinking and shouldn't be driving" Tee says

"Yeah I'm down" I say, knowing damn well I'm tired and am not seasoned for all this parlaying. I turn to Marley and grab her by her waist.  "Bae you drunk.  Want to go to IHOP with your drunk ass?" I say jokingly discreetly hoping she says she wants to go home.

"Of coursseee I'm hungry." Marley replies.

"Welp we going then" I confirm with Tee.

"Alright. Y'all can ride with me.  My car is right there" she says as she points to a 2017 white Chevy Camaro.  A beautiful ass American car.

We walk over to Tee's car and hop in.  I push the seat up so Marley can get in the back then adjust the seat so I can sit in the passenger side. 

"This is a nice ride Tee" I say to Tee

"Yeah I've been blessed man" she replies as we pull off. 

We arrive to the IHOP at about 3:15 am. The people inside seem to have left some club too.  Some of them still turnt and some of them tired like me.  As we await to be seated, those two girls Tee was dancing with walk in. 

"Hey y'all." Tee says while smiling at them.

I didn't realize they would be here and I didn't pay attention to how big our party was when Tee was talking to the hostess.  All of a sudden I was awake.

Shortly after those two girls walked in I see a familiar face, the girl from the bar, Jackie.   Is she here with those other two girls? Is she sitting with us?

"Hey Tee.  Hey y'all" she says as she looks at Tee and those two girls.  She smiles at me and Marley.

"Tee table of 6 please follow me" the hostess says.  We follow her to a table that seems to be in the middle of the restaurant.  As we walk to our VIP table in IHOP we get some stares as the women in our group are gorgeous.  Tee sits to the far left, I sit next to her and Marley sits next to me.  The two ladies she met earlier sit directly across from her and me.  Jackie sits directly in front of Marley.

I smile at Tee's new friends and introduce myself.  "Hey.  I'm Quita y'all can call me Q.  This is my girl Marley."

"Hi, I'm Ashley" the one directly from Tee says.  She has this beautiful black curly hair.

"Your hair is beautiful." Marley says

"Thank you mama" Ashley replies.

"...And I'm Kayla" the one directly in front of me says.  She looks slightly different from the club.  I could've sworn she had black long hair before.  Or maybe that was a different person.  This young woman has a short blonde cut, channeling Amber Rose.

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