Life's Game Chapter 30

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I'm in the hairsalon again, is it me or I'm always here? LMFAO

Ok back to the story!


I woke up around 10 in the morning, which was really early since me & Krissi went to bed around 3 or 4 in the morning. I walked downstairs & decided to make a quick breakfast. Eggs & cheese with toast & French vanilla coffee on the side. I had some & decided to make a plate for Krissi. I was up and she's going to be up with me. I really wanted to get some alone time with her, she's been quite busy for these past few weeks and I was missing my wife and I didn't want her to stress while being pregnant. Krissi never knew when to stop working.

We were definitely going to have some alone time today. ;)

I brought the plate upstairs and put it on the night table. I then went under the sheets and pulled down her panties and started to lick away at her kitty kat ;) she hadn't woken up but was moaning in her sleep. I had to step my game up, with that I stuck two fingers into her. I pumped slowly while I heard her moans get louder, so with that I increased my speed & that did it for my wife, she woke up screaming my name! That was the sexiest thing I ever seen or heard. She made my buddy stand up at attention but this wasn't for me.

Mmm, that's how I like my wife waking up ;) I'm going to do that much more often. Anyways babe eat & get dressed were going out, I said to her.


I was feeling extreme pleasure, was I having a dream? Because if it was I didn't want to wake up. I was enjoying it until I felt even more breath taking pleasure. I couldn't help but scream.

TRAVIS! TRAVIS! TRAVIS! I screamed and panted. He gave me such an orgasm I was on the bed shaking & quivering while the orgasm rocked my body.

There was this damn man grinning from under the sheets, I swear he knew exactly what to do sometimes to make me happy. I loved him for that. He was so sexy, like sex on wheels.

I ate the breakfast he made and went downstairs to fill the dishwasher & get some laundry done. I knew Travis said we were going out but the babies were on their way & I need everything done before I went on maternity leave.

The nursery wasn't done, matter-fact nothing was put together or installed. That was madness.

Krissi, why are you working when I told you were going out, Travis said interrupting my train of thoughts.

The babies are almost here, I'm a week from being 8 months & we have the baby supplies but nothing is set up or installed. I'm already tired now & I know once I hit 8 months I'm done & I want to help you setting up and not just dictate. I replied

Krissi, chill & have some fun

before the babies come. He said

No! The Babies are practically here & there is nothing ready for them. I said

I heard him let out an angry sigh but Travis would have me for the rest of his life so he could sacrifice 1 day. I didn't care if he was mad.

I grabbed the stroller and started to attempt to set it up. I guess Travis got the memo because I saw him grab the 4 car seats & take them to set it up in our cars.

I had got the stroller done in no time & moved on to setting up the swing chairs & mobiles. I was working at the speed of light. I was setting up both the tubs for the baby's and their bath supplies in the holders. Thank god the shower & tub were separate because that would be alot of work to remove & put back.

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