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2:03 PM

"What do you want dude?" I asked Youngboy,he been all on me all today😩 Even though my hangover sickness,he was right there asking dumb questions

"You mane,when you gone be mine?" He looked up laughing throwing a ball back in forth on 3three living room wall

"I cant do that yet"

He smacked his lips,"Mane wh- Imma take you out tonight so be ready." He sat up while 3Three still was upstairs

"Aye nigga!" Ben yelled walking downstairs,"Son that man up there with a lil bopbop in the bathroom"

We laughed then I stood up,"Im out this bit" I said before walking out then walking back home cause we all sorta inna way lived by eachother


"Nigga fuck you,mane you be cheating son!" I through the controller on the ground from playing 2k with Jay and Kash

"Mane how the fuck I was cheating? No yo ass liein take yo L and go son!" Jay pointed to the screen with the controller in his other hand faced me

"Say Kash you seen him?" I asked while he looked up from his phone

"Dont put me in this shit. But come on bitch Tay said come home"

"Bye bitches." I smacked the back of Jay head while they left

I looked around my room and stuffed most of the stuff on my floor in the closet and some under my bed before laying back on my bed

Nari POV

I looked up and seen Shi walking in,"Why you look so happy?" I smiled at her

"Cuban coming here" I jumped on her showing her our messages.

Cuban like a auntie to me. She been knowing us since them Rocca wear and Coogie dayz😂😂,but now she a rapper with a son

"So Stinka coming too?" She put me down refering to her son,Baby Tadoe

I nodded my head and texted Ken back after walking in the kitchen

Text Conversation

Luhh Baby💕💍 :Wyd ugly?

*Cuteaful and finna make some tacos

Luhh Baby💕💍 :Wtf is a Cuteafule and Im omw

Cute & Beautiful💁 But Im not making you shit

Luhh Baby💕💍 :Yeah you is

We gone see

End Of Conversation

I was finna start putting the meat on until somebody dirty ass daught DM'd me,NOW... I would of ignored her but Im a new person and the new me aint putting up with nobodys child and they bs

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