Part Eight

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"Thanks so much for inviting us to lunch, Chez; it means a lot."

Cheryl looked up from Bear, shooting a smile across the table at Liam's older sisters, Ruth and Nicola, whom were giving her a smile back. Over the last year, she and Liam's sisters had all grown incredibly close due to Cheryl's relationship with Liam, and now that Ruth was pregnant with her first child, she was turning to Cheryl more and more as not only did she already look up to her, but now it was nice to have someone else to talk about parenting and such with whenever she was down in London for periods of time as her friends were miles away. Cheryl enjoyed spending time with Ruth anyway, as Ruth was like a sister to her already and they always had gotten on extremely well.

"It's no problem, girls; I love when we can hang out and stuff," she grinned as she cuddled Bear into her as the little boy had grown tired of being in his pram, "What you guys having then? I already know I'm having a massive burger and chips just because I can."

"I'm with you there, Chez; burgers and chips it is." Nicola joined in before pulling a face at little Bear once again, whom was giving her an adorable smile as he rested his head on his mother's shoulder.

"I think I'll have a salad today; I've overindulged far too much over this weekend, I swear." Ruth chimed in, only to giggle when Cheryl and Nicola were pulling faces at her.

"What?" she smirked with a raised eyebrow.

"Sis, you're insane – get a burger man." Nicola replied. Cheryl nodded in agreement, a cheesy smile on her face as she turned Bear around so he was sat back against her and facing his aunties.

"Even little Bear says to get a burger," she deliberately put on a baby voice whilst bouncing Bear slightly, "Get a burger Auntie Ruth; go on – get one!"

"You lot are a nightmare." Ruth whined whilst Nicola and Cheryl laughed away together; their laughter even amusing little Bear who made an adorable little noise whilst looking around at them all. The waiter soon came over with their drinks and quickly took their food orders, before scurrying away – whilst trying not to have a slight heart attack about the fact he was serving Cheryl.

"Chez, I just want to know what the hell you're feeding that kid – he's massive." Nicola spoke up again after a few moments, reaching up and brushing her finger against Bear's cheek which caused him to turn his head and look at her.

"I know, man," she rolled her eyes, giggling slightly, "I swear I only feed him breastmilk, but he's getting so big. He was big like this in my tummy to be fair; he's just a big, growing boy."

"Look at his little face," Ruth giggled as she looked over at her nephew, "Yeah – we're talking about you, mate."

Bear made an adorable little giggle noise, kicking his legs around whilst he remained sat on Cheryl's lap. Cheryl giggled a bit as she looked down at him, finding him so adorable as he wore a pair of grey joggers and a little black top with black socks on.

"Mammy's big boy." She grinned, lifting him up to kiss his cheek. She then cuddled him into her; the sweet little boy curling up in her arms as he gripped her top.

The three women were engaged in conversation some minutes later when Cheryl's phone began buzzing on the table. She grabbed it with her free hand, smiling straight away as she got a text from Liam. She had sent him some pictures of her and Bear earlier, but he hadn't responded and Cheryl figured he was quite busy as he had quite a bit of work to do today.

<<Liam: 12:32pm – I miss you both I'm so bored here. Much rather be home with you two having a cuddle and watching television; or just staring at Bear in amazement – whatever floats our boats lol What are you two doing? Xxxx>>

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