"C" is for cancer

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Chapter One: The Results

Did you ever wonder what the ‘Average’ teenage girl was?  Well technically, that was me.  I didn’t have a lot of friends but I had enough.  I was 5’4”, 140 lbs., and dark brown hair, with fair skin…nothing special.  I made mostly B’s and C’s in grades again nothing special.  There were really only two profound things in my life; ones name was James, the other was cheerleading.  No I wasn’t the head cheerleader, hence the words ‘Average Teenage Girl’.  But I was third in line and loved every minute of it.  That is until I found out the third profound thing in my life…

My name is Lynn Mason and “C” is for Cancer…

I always heard life is funny and sometimes cruel but I didn’t really know how true that saying was until that day.  The pain started up again like it had been for the past 3 ½ weeks now.  When it first started I thought it was just the worst cramps of my life but as my period wasn’t even around and it lasted longer than a week, I began to worry.

It was the beginning of September when I was at cheerleading practice and I was struggling to do a kick.  The first try I kicked but new I could kick higher.  I tried a second and then a third.  By the fourth try I was defeated with excruciating pain running from my lower abdomen and shooting to my lower back.

Crumpling to the floor I laid helplessly crying in pain.  At first the when the  rest of the girls came over they had thought i pulled a muscle in my leg, but once they noticed me crouched holding my stomach with tears streaming down my face they realized it was something more.  As they called Coach Jones over, I tried to curl up into a ball trying to make the unbearable pain fade, but it was no use. It was just too much.

It took Coach Jones and Mr. Malski to help me up and carry me to the nurse’s office. 

“I’m going to call your mother Lynn,” said nurse Malloy. 

I only nodded as the pain was still too much to speak.  While she picked up the phone and dialed my mother I looked across in the mirror.  I had been crying so hard and so much that my eyes were swollen and bloodshot.  As for my face it was puffy and flushed.  I quickly looked away.

It only took my mom about 25 minutes t get to the school, but the pain made it seem like hours.  As the nurse explained to my mother what had happened I saw her glance at me with worry.  I hated making my mother worry like this, but this time I couldn’t help it.  This time I knew something was really wrong.

It was still early so my Doctor was available to see me.  The drive was pretty quick and thankfully the pain had faded a little bit.  My mother didn’t really speak on the way except for the occasional asking if I was ok.  To make her feel better I would reply with a quick nod, but as I looked out the window I was worried that I was definitely not ok.

“Lynn?” called the nurse that I knew as Tammy.

Getting up from the waiting area I followed her through the doors and into room 3.  Starting the standard procedure she took the usual temp, blood pressure, and asking the standard questions.  Once she was done she gave me a gown to change into and told me the doctor would be in shortly.

Once changed I sat on the examination table and started reading a magazine.  Headline was “Brad catches Angelina cheating…her secret girlfriend”.  Flicking through the pages I tried to concentrate on the articles, but the pain kept intruding.  Putting down the magazine I looked at my phone, no service just great!  Putting my phone back in my pocket I waited.

“Hello Lynn” said the doctor, breaking my concentration.  “Hi” I whispered, as my nervousness started to surface again.  “So tell me what has been going on” he said as he sat looking at the nurses notes.  Starting to explain what had been happening the last 3 ½ weeks, I noticed as he began to take his own notes.