Just an ordinary day pt. 1

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Olympus - Front gates


I walked back and forward in front of the front gates of Olympus. It's been five years since I've become a warrior of the sky, assigned to defend Olympus from any danger or treason.

Five years ago I had absolutely nothing to do, that goddess Hera wouldn't stop bothering me-- she kept saying something about a wolf and a house it was so annoying. So finally I accepted my father's offer to become a warrior of the sky.

Hera couldn't bother me since I was busy defending Olympus, I could put her up for treason, but she's the queen of olympus, how could that work?

Thinking of all of the stories I have read in books before I became a warrior, It kind of makes sense that we could send the queen to the dungeon.

Yeah, we have a dungeon it's under the throne room. Don't ask me why, ask Hephaestus, he created the place. Well, maybe Athena designed it, I don't know! I'm busy defending Olympus I don't have time to study. Well I had to study before I became a warrior. I had to memorize the map of Olympus and stuff.. Why would I need to remember that? I've got much more important things to deal with.

I kept walking back and forward, bored to death. Absolutely nothing to do. Never any action. Never any conflict. Never any excitement. Never any entertainment. I was absolutely bored. Six years beings a warrior of the sky, it's quite boring if you think about it.

I hate to say this but sometimes I wish I never accepted the offer to become a warrior of the sky.

I wish there was action for once. I wish there was trouble. Maybe even A bit of chaos.

Boy did I regret that choice.

Because right there in the sky, was a symbol of something.

A golden clock with Golden writing under it.

It was a message written in Ancient Greek.

I quickly translated it.

'Time has returned. If Time wins all shall face the golden age.'

Time? Golden age? That could only mean one thing.

"Holy Hera-- I gotta tell father." I yelp as I run towards my father's temple.

Coolio, this is short chapter cuz' it's part one. Part one ye. Oh yeah, it's thunder storming out so that's just fantastic. So much lightning and thunder geez. It's pouring out, well it was, it might still be but okay.

Anyways, I will be uploading part two later today.. Maybe tomorrow, I don't know.

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